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It’s October, and that means the weather is turning cooler and the urge to curl up on the couch with a blanket and some popcorn is growing! We have your back with all the goods coming to Netflix in Canada this month, as well as what to watch before it leaves. On it’s way to […]

Meet Benny, the hockey loving dog. Benny is a six year old Labrador who’s hoping to break into the NHL someday. Benny’s owner, Cheryl Del Sangro, says she only had Benny for a few months when he started showing an affinity for the ice. “I just started teaching him the same as teaching a small […]

Boston Celtics player Kyrie Irving apologized on Monday for saying last year that the Earth is flat. “Even if you believe in that, don’t come out and say that stuff,” Irving said during Forbes’ Under 30 Summit. “That’s for intimate conversations because perception and how you’re received, it changes. I’m actually a smart a** individual.” […]

Teenagers who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to engage in risky behaviors, according to a new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics. Researchers say those behaviors include drunken driving, potentially unsafe sexual activity, aggressive behavior, and use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Teens who sleep less than six hours a night […]

In an effort to entice viewers, Netflix is reportedly developing special programs that will allow viewers to choose the next storyline in a TV episode or movie. The Emmy-winning series Black Mirror will be one of the shows that has an episode featuring the choose-your-own adventure treatment. According to Bloomberg, the streaming service expects to […]

It’s possible to complain about an overcooked steak or cold fries without being a total jerk. With that in mind, Eater has compiled a list that will help you be constructive-and won’t result in the chef spitting in your dish. Here they are: -Know when to speak up. The best time to complain is as […]

Meet Dennis Dickey, an Arizona border patrol agent who pleaded guilty on Friday to accidentally starting a massive wildfire that torched a whopping 47,000 acres of the state’s parched grasslands, required 800 firefighters to extinguish and cost officials more than $8 million. Dickey ignited the blaze in April 2017 during a gender reveal party. For […]

One animals feces is another man’s artwork. A woman in Maine has made a name for herself after her art went viral for being made out of moose poop. Mary Winchenbach sells what she calls “Tirdy Works”, figureines, clocks and other wares, that incorporate the “left-behinds” of Alces alces Americana, the North American Eastern Moose. […]

A Jeopardy! contestant shocked viewers on Thursday when he proposed to his girlfriend on the show. Michael Pascuzzi, a store manager from Florida, chose to forgo a traditional introduction and used his time to pop the question instead. “I just wanted to say one quick thing, and ask Maria Shafer, right there, if she would […]

Step Brothers co-stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly reunite in the new trailer for Holmes & Watson. The teaser shows Ferrell-as-Sherlock Holmes and Reilly-as-Dr. Watson putting a goofy spin on Arthur Conan Doyle’s whodunnit stories. Specifically, the film finds the duo working with Dr. Grace Hart (Rebecca Hall) to save the Queen before Professor […]



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