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The pandemic has been especially hard on the service industry and those who work in it, so it was nice to see widespread trends of tipping more generously when things like restaurants and bars began to re-open. Now, according to new data from the company Square, we’re seeing that Canadians are continuing to leave higher […]

If you’ve recently purchased any Skittles gummy candy, you may want to take a look at the package because a recall has been issued for the product. The company behind the product says that no injuries or illnesses have been identified, but consumers have reported finding very thin metal strands embedded in the candy or […]

A lot of modern life is conducted online, but a break from those screens might just be what the doctor ordered. A recent study from the University of Bath in the UK revealed that avoiding social media for only one week can have significant positive effects. If you ask me, it’s pretty wild that we […]

What’s the strangest dream you’ve ever had? Researchers exposed a computer brain simulation to different dreams during the three known phases of sleep: wakefulness, non-REM sleep, and REM sleep. They found the three phases appear to have complementary functions for learning: experiencing the stimulus, solidifying the experience, and discovering semantic concepts. Lead study co-author Jakob […]

Do not dare call the follicle-ly challenged “bald”. A panel of judges in Sheffield, England have ruled that calling a man ‘bald’ is sexual harassment. All three judges, themselves dealing with a lack of hair, concluded using the world “bald” can be considered a form of discrimination, citing how baldness is more prevalent among men […]

In a surprise media availability today, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Janice Fitzgerald, announced that masking will no longer required in K-12 schools in the province as of May 24th. Citing the declining number of hospitalizations and new COVID-19 cases in Newfoundland and Labrador as of late, Dr. J. Fitz says the decision is […]

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have identified and seized a large number of counterfeit two-dollar coins in circulation. The investigation into the fraudulent “toonies” began last summer and since then, a 68-year old Ontario man has been arrested and charged. Through the investigation police seized approximately 10,000 of the counterfeit coins, which had been placed […]

This is a clever way to use Tinder, as long as you don’t get caught. Rhode Island kickball player Gianna Pecchia was banned from the dating app for life after the service discovered she was using the app to recruit teammates, according to adult kickball league Clubwaka. A tinder spokesperson said yesterday (May 11th) that […]

With the help of an air traffic control officer, a passenger with no flight experience safely landed a plane after the pilot became incapacitated. It’s a truly incredible story, and one that I’m sure everyone involved will be telling for many years. During a flight aboard a small private plane on Tuesday, the pilot had […]



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