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An early onset of snowfall this year has forced the City of St. John’s to implement its on-street winter parking ban a few weeks ahead of schedule. The ban will officially go into effect at 12:30 am Thursday, December 13th and will effect streets outside the downtown area daily from 12:30 am – 7:30 am. […]

Last week, Burger King rolled out a clever smartphone-app promotion that steers anyone about to go to a McDonald’s to the nearest BK, where they can pick up a Whopper for the not-so-whopping price of one cent. But this killer deal proved deadly to one Los Angeles man’s wallet: KTRK-TV reports that when Boyce Harvey […]

Liam Payne has teased that he might be getting together with his former One Directon bandmates over the holidays. “I spoke to Niall the other day,” he dished in a recent radio interview. “We were both super jet-lagged and he, like, texted me at two o’clock in the morning… and we spent like four hours […]

A dog that had gone missing after its California owner had to evacuate from the path of the Camp Fire was found weeks later sitting guard at the home. According to KXTV, homeowner Andrea Gaylord was unable to locate her dogs Miguel and Madison before being forced to evacuate her Paradise home. While Miguel was […]

John Cena has revealed that he wasn’t as popular during his high school years as he is today. “Ah man, my whole teenage existence was awkward,” he tells Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, if you think I have a weird haircut now, I had a two-foot high top-fade. I wore the rayon, polka-dot Hammer pants, airbrushed […]

This list of gifts compiled by BuzzFeed consists of items that both people in a relationship can benefit from. Here are 10 of them (see full list at the link): A question per day journal with lines for both you and your SO (Amazon, $13).It’s a fun exercise and might spark some interesting conversations. An […]

Over the weekend the RNC responded to a report of a possible impaired driver in Mount Pearl. After the vehicle was located, they noticed the driver had already fled. With the help of K-9 officer, a 28 year old male driver was tracked found a short distance away and was charged with impaired driving, failing the […]

Talk about a real Grinch! An elementary school principal in Nebraska has been placed on administrative leave after she attempted to ban Christmas in his school. According to a memo sent to all school staff, Christmas trees in classrooms, singling or playing of Christmas carols, and watching Christmas related movies were not permitted this holiday […]

Amy Poehler has opened up a new wine store called Zula Wines & Spirits in Park Slope, New York City. The comedian-actress tells Eater that the shop has a “big” collection of bottles under $13 and offers free tastings every evening. She also notes that Zula is meant to cater to a neighborhood crowd looking […]

On this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, host Jason Momoa brought back his deceased Game of Thrones character Khal Drogo. The skit featured Momoa-as-Drogo and cast member Kenan Thompson talking to other dead characters from GoT. Highlights included Hodor (played by Beck Bennet) holding the door for some of the guests and King Jofrrey […]



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