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Dream of being rich? Turns out, most people don’t want to be billionaires, but would be content with around $10 million dollars for an ideal life. A British study of […]

If you’re like me you’ve never won more than a hundred bucks, but if you’ve ever struck it big, what did you do with it? Perhaps more importantly, who did […]

A bus driver in Connecticut is being charged with 38 counts of reckless endangerment after blacking out while snacking on gummies. The gummies were infused with THC. The driver, Jinhuan […]

The out-of-nowhere worldwide hit show “Squid Game” was popular enough for not only a second season (as recently confirmed by Netflix), but also a new reality show based on the […]

New York State’s Court of Appeals has ruled against animal rights activists who brought a suit to force the Bronx Zoo to extend basic human rights to an elephant. The […]

Today, the federal government announced more changes to travel regulations, specifically for people who are not fully vaccinated. The change, which will go into effect June 20th, will allow unvaccinated […]

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker could be returning in an all-singing, all-dancing musical sequel, and Lady Gaga may be joining the cast. The Hollywood Reporter detailed the latest on the proposed sequel […]

Huy Fong Foods recently released a letter suggesting a Sriracha shortage may be coming due to a pepper shortage. The peppers used to make the tasty sauce come from Mexico, […]

Does your dog watch TV? Canine behaviorist Carolyn Menteith says dogs may not understand the plot, but they do see movement and sound. Dogs can only see two primary colors…blue […]

Some exciting news for travelers, as the United States are set to drop their requirement for international arrivals to produce a negative COVID-19 test. A senior official within the Biden […]



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