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With Hurricane Fiona on a path toward Atlantic Canada, it’s a great time to review tips for making sure your family is prepared for an emergency. The federal government has […]

After 76 years in operation, The Newfoundland Herald has printed it’s final edition. “While it is always sad to see a part of our history go, it is also a time […]

Want to turn your girlfriend on? A Journal of Sex Research study reveals that women are attracted to men who do chores. The research involved 299 women aged 18 to […]

As the Queen’s corgis say goodbye, you may be wondering: Do pets grieve? Research shows that our furry friends do mourn, and their activities and behavior can change after a […]

Social media is no good for your sleep schedule. I think that much is generally agreed upon, but the effects of screen time are especially apparent for pre-teen kids. According […]

TikTok user @titanicfan97 has gained a cult following on TikTok for his passion for the 1997 movie Titanic. The 30-year-old has over 500 VHS copies, and says he will finally reveal […]

A couple remodeling their 18th-century home in North Yorkshire stumbled upon 260 British gold coins in a pot beneath the floorboards. The estimated value of these coins? About $250,000. According to […]

Do you want to be a little bit taller? In the quest for a few more inches, some people are undergoing a radical surgery that requires both femurs to be […]

Voting is open for the National Toy Hall of Fame! From now until September 21st, you can cast your vote for one of the finalists: bingo, Breyer Horses, Catan, Lite-Brite, […]

The outdoor clothing maker Patagonia is now a nonprofit organization devoted to combatting climate change and protecting undeveloped land around the globe. The billionaire owner and founder of the company, Yvon […]



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