Comedian and game show host, Louie Anderson has died at the age of 68. The news of Anderson’s death was confirmed by Anderson’s rep, just days after he was admitted to hospital for treatment relating to blood cancer. Anderson began his career as a comedy writer in the 80’s before transitioning to stand-up. In the 90’s […]

Oscar Mayer, maker of wieners and bologna, has now launched its first ever “bologna” sheet mask. While the product has gotten a lot of attention because it looks like people are just putting cold cuts on their faces, the mask doesn’t actually contain any meat…or any of whatever’s in bologna. The Oscar Mayer Bologna Sheet […]

People in Missouri got a strange message sent to their phones on Tuesday (January 18th), it read: “GOTHAM CITY MO PURPLE/GREEN 1978 DODGE 3700 GT MO UKIDME.” That’s the car driven by the Joker’s goons in the 1989 ‘Batman’ film. The Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) says the text was neither a joke nor a […]

Premier Andrew Furey announced today that the province’s K-12 schools will reopen to in-class lessons on Tuesday, January 25th. He said this decision was reached with the confidence of Dr. Fitzgerald and Public Health. In addition, the province announced 20 people now in hospital due to COVID-19, with 2801 known active cases. There are 360 […]

Harry Potter better start practicing the accordion. News broke earlier this week that Daniel Radcliffe, who is best known for playing JK Rowling’s title character, is set to play “Weird” Al Yankovic in an upcoming biopic about the comedy musician’s life. The movie is expected to start filming next month and will focus on the […]

Most 20-somethings drive little fast cars, but not Hailey Rose. The 22-year-old has gained an impressive following on TikTok after sharing the second hand hearse she drives. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and works in the film and theater industry. She regularly posts about what it’s like driving around in the hearse. She explains she […]

Today (Wednesday, January 19), there are 18 people in hospital because of COVID-19, 14 in non-critical care and four in critical care. There have been 471 new recoveries – 397 in the Eastern Health region, 20 in the Central Health region, 25 in the Western Health region, 26 in the Labrador-Grenfell region and three unknown RHA, and […]

A first date turned into somewhat of a more serious relationship for one woman after a COVID-19 inspired lockdown came into effect. The 30-year-old Chinese woman, identified simply as Wang, agreed to a blind date on January 6 in her hometown of Zhengzhou. The date was set to take place in her suitor’s home, however […]

After moving into his new pre-1900s home in the UK, a 39-year-old dad discovered a hidden room after renovating the property. The eerie room had a secret stairwell, which led to the old cellar made of brick and stone. Upon discovering the hidden cellar, Ben Mann said, “it was in terrible condition; there was a foot […]

By now, you must have heard of the Wordle craze sweeping social media–but did you know there was another years-old app with the same name? Developer Steven Cravotta created his Wordle app five years ago, which never really took off; he even stopped updating it after months. But in recent weeks, the popularity of his […]



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