If you are need of a little extra will power to help curb those junk food cravings, here’s something that’ll learn you real fast! Amazon is selling a bracelet that gives you a 350 volt electric shock every time you cheat on your diet. The bracelet is believed to help your brain associate the bad […]

A New York state nonprofit group took to Facebook this week to warn the public about harming local waterways after a 14-inch goldfish was discovered in the Niagara River, near Buffalo, New York. “Goldfish can survive year-round in our watershed and can destroy the habitat of native fish,” Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper wrote in a post. […]

Khalid, Bruno Mars, Cardi B, and Camila Cabello are among the artists who contributed to Ed Sheeran’s forthcoming Collaborations No. 6 LP. Billboard reports that Sheeran shared the track list for the 15-track project on Tuesday. Khalid appears on a song called “Beautiful People,” while Cabello and Cardi join Sheeran on a track called “South […]

When people get their smartphones wet, they’ve been known to submerge the device on a bowl of rice in order to soak up the moisture. It turns out that’s just a myth. The website iFixit says putting your wet phone in rice “is the same thing as doing nothing,” noting that if your phone works […]

If you need a job, like luxury hotels, and enjoy a day hanging out by the pool, this could be your lucky summer. Hotels.com announced they are looking to hire a “poolhop” for a couple of weeks of work in August–and they want to pay them $10,000! What exactly does this poolhop gig entail? The […]

Author Suzanne Collins has announced she plans and releasing a prequel to the Hunger Games series. Reports indicate the novel will take place following the attempted Panem rebellion, the catalyst for the titular Hunger Games the young adult books are based around. “With this book, I wanted to explore the state of nature, who we are, and […]

Ticket service TickPick recently commissioned a survey of 1,010 people “who enjoy listening to music and are sexually active” in order to chart their musical and sexual preferences. The survey found that a whopping 17 percent admitted to wearing AirPods during the act–and found equally interesting results among fans of various formats. For instance, country […]

The jovial mood at the NBA champion Toronto Raptors’ victory parade turned temporarily terrifying when gunshots rang out around 4 pm. Eastern Time, injuring four people. TMZ reports that two people are being treated for “serious” injuries, but they are not considered to be life threatening. Police have arrested three suspects and seized a pair […]

Filmmaker Todd Phillips has confirmed the upcoming Joker film, starring Joaquin Phoenix, will be rated R. “I’ve been asked this a lot,” Phillips replied to a curious fan on Instagram this week. “Just assumed people knew. Sorry.” Consequence of Sound notes that, if Phillips gets his way, the project will be the first live-action Batman […]

When model Bella Hadid kissed Miquela Sousa in a Calvin Klein commercial last month, it caused some controversy. But there was another issue: Miquela Sousa is not a human being, but a virtual influencer created solely to market goods on social media. And “she” has over 1.6 million Instagram followers. The rise of these influencers […]



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