Another month is almost behind us, and normally at this time I’d post a list of what’s new to Netflix Canada in the month to come. But since the streaming world keeps on going, let’s look at what titles are new to a few different services in Canada. Have a look below and let us […]

A new double crater on the moon has scientists puzzled. A mysterious “rocket body” of unknown origin reportedly crashed into the Moon and created two new craters on March 4th. The space junk had reportedly been in orbit for years but as of yet, no country (on Earth) has claimed ownership of it. Typically, a […]

Sweat, tape, rubber, skate blades, spit, and even blood are just some of the things that touch NHL ice. So, knowing all that, would you drink a beer made from a rink? Coors Light is betting that many hockey fans will. The beer giant is bringing back their “Champions Ice” limited edition beer made out […]

Airbnb began its crackdown on parties in 2019, and will now make its ban on parties for short-term rentals permanent. Since starting the ban, reports of parties have dropped 44%. The San Francisco company has suspended more than 6,600 accounts for violating this rule. People hosting parties in homes during the start of the pandemic […]

Buckle up! Summertime is road trip season, but who’s doing the driving? If you prefer to do the driving yourself, you’re certainly not alone. According to a recent survey, a majority of people (53%) say they either “always” or “often” feel nervous about someone else’s decisions behind the wheel. 60 percent of respondents say they […]

A South Carolina man picked up a tip from the TLC show The Lottery Changed My Life and won over $100,000. The tip? Spend $25 a week on lottery tickets for three months. The unidentified winner claims he didn’t even know how to play Powerball when he won the $100,000 prize. He purchased a new car with […]

Ideas like music therapy and art therapy have gotten a lot of traction over the last few years, but what about travel therapy? A new paper from Edith Cowan University shows going on vacation has a positive impact on mental health issues and conditions such as dementia. New environments and experiences can provide helpful cognitive […]

Here’s something to think about after your next blow-up with your significant other — three percent of 1,000 serious couples surveyed in a new YouGov poll said they never argue. At the other end, eight percent said they argue every day. The biggest percentage was 16 percent, and it was a tie between those who […]

Airline passengers are now entitled to refunds for cancellations and long delays thanks to new regulations announced by the Canadian Travel Agency. (CTA) Currently, passengers whose flights are cancelled or delayed by three hours for reasons the airline cannot control, including weather, are not entitled to a refund. The new regulations expand the conditions in which […]

If you’ve found yourself struggling to keep your thoughts to 280 characters, Twitter’s newest feature might be for you. The social media platform is rolling out the new “Notes” feature to some users that allows them to post “essay-like write-ups.” So far there aren’t any details on if or when a wider rollout will happen, […]



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