A town in Newfoundland reeks of nearly 20-year-old fish sauce whenever the wind blows from the northeast, where the former factory of the Atlantic Seafood Sauce Company once was. Eater reports that, after only 11 years in business, the factory closed down in 2001. However, the 100 vats left there still retain their fermented […]

After wrapping an entire pizza in bacon, Little Caesars’ director of global marketing declared last month that American consumers “want more meat.” So it might come as a surprise that the Detroit-based chain is debuting a meatless “Impossible Sausage” pie in select markets: Yakima, Washington; Ft. Myers, Florida; and Albuquerque, New Mexico. “This is likely […]

A crew of therapy dogs have helped students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School make it through their difficult year and now the pups are getting their due. BuzzFeed reports the Parkland, Florida, high school’s yearbook has dedicated an entire page to “class photos” of the doggos. The 14 furry friends are posed just like […]

The Public Utilities Board have made their adjustments to the prices of gas and other fuels for the province today, with the price of gas decreasing for the the third straight week. The price of gasoline dropped by 1.3 cents per litre, while diesel decreased by 0.9 cents. Furnace and stove oil also saw a […]

A judge has decided that Woodstock 50 will proceed as planned after its main investor backed out. Consequence of Sound reports that a judge in New York Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that Woodstock’s chief financial backer, Dentsu Aegis Network, does not have the right to unilaterally cancel the festival. In his ruling, Judge Barry […]

On its first day carrying passengers on a new Providence, Rhode Island, route, a self-driving shuttle got pulled over by a cop who couldn’t figure out what it was. “It looked like an oversize golf cart,” Police Chief Hugh Clements tells the AP about his officer’s decision to stop the car. The autonomous vehicle–which can […]

Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons announced on Wednesday that it is adding three new sandwiches to its menu using vegan meats from Beyond Meat, leading to a surge in shares for the plant-based company. Reuters reports that shares for Beyond Meat have almost doubled since it debuted on the Nasdaq in early May. The Los […]

The Simpsons might be the longest-running primetime scripted series ever but that didn’t stop it from experiencing an all-time low in ratings during Sunday’s season 30 finale. According to The Hollywood Reporter, even though the show featured special guests such as Illeana Douglas, Werner Herzog, and Jenny Slate, it only attracted 1.44 million viewers, which is low for any […]

In an incendiary New York Times op-ed, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes calls current head Mark Zuckerberg’s power “unprecedented and un-American” and declares, “We are a nation with a tradition of reining in monopolies, no matter how well intentioned the leaders of these companies may be. It is time to break up Facebook.” Hughes expresses anger […]

Grumpy old men are a hazard to their own health! A study published Thursday in Psychology and Aging finds that angry emotions in people over the age of 80 can lead to inflammation that causes heart disease, cancer and arthritis. “Experiencing anger daily was related to higher levels of inflammation and chronic illness for people 80 years […]



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