The cast and crew of the Toronto production of Come From Away have cancelled their planned record attempt for the “world’s largest Screech-In” following backlah from those in this province. Theatre company Mirvish Productions announced last week plans to “Screech-In” the entire audience at an upcoming performance of the musical in Toronto. With a theatre […]

Welcome to The Rock if you comes from away! Mirvish Productions, the men and women behind the Toronto production of the hit musical Come From Away, are planning to attempt the world’s largest Screech-In. Next month, Mirvish says it will attempt to screech-in the entire audience following a performance of the story of the town of […]

One week after gas prices fell by 5 cents, motorists are once again seeing a similar change in the cost of gas. The price of the pump is down by 4.6 cents a litre, while diesel fell by 3.4 cents. Furnace and stove oils both dropped by 2.89 cents a litre and propane went down […]

One man’s recent visit to a Canadian museum turned out to be very lucky. The Washington Post reports a tourist named Stephen Mills managed to crack the code on a safe at Alberta’s Vermilion Heritage Museum that had been locked for 40 years. And he did it on his first try. The 2,000-pound black metal […]

Commuters were gifted a present today in the form of cheaper gas prices. All types of motor fuel have dropped by 5.3 cents per litre, with diesel seeing a similar decrease of 4.9 cents. Elsewhere, furnace and stove oil heating fuel went down by 4.22 cents. Propane saw the lowest change in price, dropping by […]

Crime Stoppers has announced that it is effectively ending it’s controversial “Project Anonymous” campaign. “Newfoundland and Labrador Crime Stoppers will, with immediate effect, discontinue the “Project Anonymous” campaign in its entirety,” a statement from the organization reads. “We thank those who supported the effort as well as those who voiced their comments and concerns.” The […]

This news will surely put a smile on your face. The price of gas took a significant drop today, going down by 5.1 cents a litre. (Woo-hoo!) Diesel also dipped, going down by 4.6 cents. Furnace and stove oils decreased by 3.94 cents a litre. While propane went down by 0.8 cents.

  A town in Newfoundland reeks of nearly 20-year-old fish sauce whenever the wind blows from the northeast, where the former factory of the Atlantic Seafood Sauce Company once was. Eater reports that, after only 11 years in business, the factory closed down in 2001. However, the 100 vats left there still retain their fermented […]

The Public Utilities Board have made their adjustments to the prices of gas and other fuels for the province today, with the price of gas decreasing for the the third straight week. The price of gasoline dropped by 1.3 cents per litre, while diesel decreased by 0.9 cents. Furnace and stove oil also saw a […]

In last night’s episode of The Simpsons, titled “D’Oh Canada”, Lisa Simpson is taken in by a Canadian family, getting political asylum from “voter suppression,” “utter disregard for the environment,” and a certain President. Later in the episode, Newfoundland is mentioned in a… not so complimentary way, with a chorus of Canadian children saying “Stupid […]



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