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An Australian couple’s engagement photo has gone viral for a very hilarious reason. Diana didn’t have her nails done when her boyfriend José proposed, so she swapped in her cousin Jenna’s hand for her own. A picture posted by Jenna shows the happy couple kissing as she kneels down beside them and stretches out her […]

Britney Spears’ upcoming “Domination” residency isn’t exactly dominating Las Vegas ticket sales. The New York Post reports the first month of Spears’ shows are currently more than half unsold. The concert series is slated to take place at the Park MGM Theater. Lady Gaga and Aerosmith will both have residencies in the same venue. Tickets […]

Hitting theatres today, Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury–who is portrayed by Rami Malek. The production was mired in issues, with Sasha Baron Cohen at one point attached to play the role of Freddie Mercury. Based on the trailers, it looks like Malek will […]

In an effort to ensure future generations of coders and computer engineers, Amazon has launched a new program that aims to teach 10 million students a year how to become more computer savvy. The AP reports that Amazon Future Engineer aims to encourage more black, Hispanic, and female students to study computer science by offering […]

An actor who’s appeared in several TV shows, including Better Call Saul, has revealed that he sawed his own arm off and has been posing as a war veteran for nearly two decades in order to land roles. Todd Latourette told Albuquerque news station KOB 4 this week that he is biopolar and severed his […]

Kate Hudson is facing backlash after she and her friends dressed up for Halloween as the Rajneeshees, a cult featured in the Netflix docuseries Wild Wild Country. Hudson posted an Instagram photo of the group wearing red outfits and captioned it with a quote from the cult’s late leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh: “Don’t be worried […]

Beyonce paid tribute to Toni Braxton by dressing as the “Un-Break My Heart” singer in honor of Halloween. As seen in photos posted on Instagram, Bey recreated Braxton’s 1993 self-titled debut album cover by wearing jeans and a leather jacket and donning Braxton’s famous cropped hairstyle. Beyonce, who dubbed herself “Phoni Braxton” in the shots, […]

Recently, 7-year-old Angelica Dee Cunningham wrote a letter to Chad Lupinacci, the town supervisor of Huntington, New York, urging him to temporarily change the town’s name to “Hauntington” for Halloween. Cunningham was reportedly inspired to come up with the suggestion by a Monster High doll named Ari Hauntington. PIX-11 reports that Lupinacci and his colleagues […]

On Tuesday, Dr. John Staples of the University of British Columbia published a study in JAMA Pediatrics which found that the chance of a pedestrian being struck and killed by a moving vehicle increases by 43 percent on Halloween night. Staples chalks the increased danger up to a “witches’ brew” of drunk drivers mixed with […]

Dislike! Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reportedly suggested last week that the social media platform may be getting rid of its “Like” button–and users are none too happy. “Founder Jack Dorsey last week admitted at a Twitter event that he was not a fan of the heart-shaped button and that it would be getting rid of […]



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