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TikTok user @titanicfan97 has gained a cult following on TikTok for his passion for the 1997 movie Titanic. The 30-year-old has over 500 VHS copies, and says he will finally reveal […]

A couple remodeling their 18th-century home in North Yorkshire stumbled upon 260 British gold coins in a pot beneath the floorboards. The estimated value of these coins? About $250,000. According to […]

Voting is open for the National Toy Hall of Fame! From now until September 21st, you can cast your vote for one of the finalists: bingo, Breyer Horses, Catan, Lite-Brite, […]

The outdoor clothing maker Patagonia is now a nonprofit organization devoted to combatting climate change and protecting undeveloped land around the globe. The billionaire owner and founder of the company, Yvon […]

Do glasses make you look smarter? A study from the University of Jordan found that the old stereotype might not actually be true. The study surveyed 517 college-age people who were […]

Dr. Janice Fitzgerald, chief medical officer of health, held a media availability this afternoon to discuss the province’s fall COVID-19 vaccination plan. Public Health has announced that with cold and […]

Mica, known as TikTok user @nyb.rmg, showed a hack to get around paying luggage fees on airlines: pretend you’re pregnant. The video shows Mica strapping a bag to her belly […]

Snow days are almost magical in the eyes of students, an unexpected day off when you get to play in the snow, but New York City public school students will […]

Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, queen of Canada and the United Kingdom, has passed away at 96 at Balmoral. The UK’s longest serving monarch, Elizabeth was queen since February 1952 and […]

After one 27-year-old New York City man goes on first dates, he asks the women to fill out an online exit survey to rate him and their date. Google program […]



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