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Five daycare workers have been charged for their involvement in a viral video where an employee is shown wearing a mask and screaming in the faces of crying children. Sierra […]

This grandma puts the “fun” in “funeral.” On Wednesday, Gracie Perryman tweeted a photo of the card she received at her grandma’s funeral, which included a tiny Ouija board and […]

She’s not sweet as honey! A Springfield, Massachusetts woman has been arrested after allegedly unleashing bees on police who were serving an eviction notice. Rorie S. Woods reportedly launched the […]

Have your dreams been more realistic? The cooler weather may be to blame. Dr. Tim Bond explained that generally, people who go to bed late and wake up late have more […]

Top doctors in Ontario fear the rising Covid-19 cases combined with the winter season, could jeopardize the country’s already struggling healthcare system and may force the implementation of masks. Recently, Dr. Kieran Moore, […]

Looking for love…in space. A Japanese woman recently contacted authorities after realizing she was being scammed by a fake astronaut who claimed he needed money to return to earth. Before […]

A man is free from prison after 35 years, and an episode of Mythbusters is partly to be thanked. John Galvan was 18 when he was arrested and sentenced to […]

A Fort Myers man decided to stay in his home and ignore the evacuation order…and then the water began to rise. During Hurricane Ian, George Andrad went upstairs to a neighbor’s […]

Do you get your best ideas during a walk, the drive home, or in the shower? A new study from the University of Virginia found that moderately engaging tasks help […]

Earlier this year, Hockey Canada came under fire for its handling of sexual assault allegations and settlements, including potential misappropriating of funds paid by minor hockey associations across the country, and […]



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