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Do you believe in love at first sight? A new study from Israel have investigated the way skin sweat and movements change during speed dating, with interesting results. The Hebrew University Study of Jerusalem found that couples who were interested in one another romantically appeared to be “biologically in sync” within two minutes. Interested couples […]

The federal government said yesterday (May 31st) that it will allow British Columbia to decriminalize possession of small amounts of drugs in a three-year experiment to see if it can reduce overdose deaths, by getting rid of the fear of arrest for users who need help. Under the plan that will go into effect next […]

Columbia University has released the first published study evidencing “natural re-pigmentation.” Put away the hair dye: This means hair can regain its color. Researchers identified 323 proteins that indicate hair color. Then, they selected gray and colored hairs from 14 participants who ranked the stress in their life. While we already know stress can cause […]

Drinking just one coffee can make multitasking easier, a new study suggests. Researchers from Brunel University found that participants were faster at a button-pushing test if they drank coffee before taking it. Specifically, those who took the test without drinking coffee beforehand were around 0.68 seconds slower when pressing multiple buttons compared to when they […]

Sometimes two bad things happen at the same time. Guests at Canada’s Wonderland found themselves stuck on rides during a destructive Ontario storm on Saturday (May 21st). A video posted by TikTok user @chubbychicken84 shows madness unfolding, as riders who had waited in line a very long time for a rollercoaster were strapped into the […]

This is pretty bad. A company called Welsh Italian Pizza had people talking after they had a tent up at the BIG ICC Wales Wedding Fair in England on April 10th. They had a nice setup for serving pizza, but their website was also written across the top of their tent, and people saw […]

COVID-19 Vaccine Regulations under the Health Protection and Promotion Act which came into effect in December 2021, will be suspended as of June 1, 2022. These regulations required employees and service providers of certain businesses, facilities and organizations to be fully vaccinated or have an approved medical exemption. Given the current epidemiology of the province, […]

This is why you have to read online listings carefully. An Airbnb user has listed a tent for the equivalent of about $63 a night in Dublin, Ireland, describing it as a “one bed” and a “private room.” Photos suggest the tent is set up on concrete, but the original poster told Dublin Live the […]

If you spend too much time staring at your phone you could try cutting back on your screen time. McGill University researchers found there are ten strategies to help you do that. They include: 1) reducing non-essential notifications; 2) enable screen time tracking and set time limits for particular apps; 3) keep your phone on […]

Toddlers might not just be looking for games on your phone. A Texas two-year-old was playing with his mother’s phone when he ordered 31 McDonald’s cheeseburgers to be delivered via DoorDash. The boy’s mother, Kelsey Golden, says the burgers cost $1.89 each at her local Kingsville location, and the total spent was $58.59 before taxes. […]



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