Stephen Lethbridge

Prince William has revealed that his father Prince Charles is obsessed with squirrels. “He is completely infatuated by the red squirrels that live around the [Birkhall] estate in Scotland,” Prince William tells Country Life. “To the extent that he’s given them names and is allowing them into the house.” Charles himself notes, “They come into […]

In the wake of Kanye West’s controversial meeting with President Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian has announced that her husband doesn’t know anything about politics. “I feel like he’s very misunderstood and the worst communicator,” she explained at Variety and Rolling Stone’s Criminal Justice Reform Summit on Wednesday. “But, when we talk about it, we have […]

Tom Cruise is being replaced in the small-screen adaptation of Jack Reacher because he’s 5’7″. In the books on which the films are based, Reacher is described as a 6’5″ man with “hands the size of dinner plates.” British author Lee Child revealed in a recent radio interview that many readers complained that Cruise was […]

A man with a striking resemblance to David Schwimmer from Friends has finally been found after more than a month of searching. The Los Angeles Times reports that the 36-year-old was arrested on Monday night in a London suburb. The man was wanted on suspicion of theft after having been caught by security cameras stealing […]

Toyota has promised a new Tundra truck to a California man who posted photos of the truck that got him safely through the wildfires in Paradise, California. Allyn Pierce used his beloved truck–which he’d nicknamed the Pandra–to drive to the hospital where he’d work to help evacuate patients and set up an emergency triad center […]

Stan Lee’s daughter is going to continue developing a superhero storyline she and her father were developing in the weeks leadin up to his death. According to TMZ, J. C. Lee created the character–called “Dirt Man”–and said she was working on it with her dad as recently as the weekend before he passed. She’s decided […]

Ryan Reynolds shows off a whole other side of himself in the brand new trailer for Detective Pikachu. As The Washington Post reports, Warner Bros. dropped the trailer for the CGI-heavy live action movie on Monday. Reynolds voices the cute little yellow Pokémon, Pikachu, in the movie. In the trailer, Reynolds brings his signature charm […]

Miley Cyrus, Neil Young and Gerard Butler are among the celebrities who have lost their homes in the wildfires currently ravaging southern California. Young confirmed his Malibu home burned down in a post on his website over the weekend, and slammed President Donald Trump in the process. “California is vulnerable–not because of poor forest management […]

Alex Trebek recently got some inside dirt on how Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discreetly ends meetings recently. According to Page Six, Trebek–a Canadian himself–had the pleasure of meeting with Trudeau in his office in Ottawa. The Jeopardy host told Vulture that after about 45 minutes together, “Justin did something like this [scratches under his […]

This weekend, a new adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic The Grinch hits theatres. In this animated adaptation of The Grinch, Benedict Cumberbatch voices the titular character–who decides he will pose as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve in order to silence the Whos’ holiday cheer once and for all. I still haven’t forgotten the mess […]



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