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For those feeling forlorn this Valentine’s Day, police in Port Orange, Florida are offering to lock up your ex. In a Facebook post, the Port Orange Police Department suggested the best way to celebrate Love Day is to report ex-partners with outstanding warrants. “This Valentine’s Day month-long special starts off with a set of limited-edition […]

Imagine winning hundreds of thousands of dollars and not even know it. A man from Arizona hit the literal jackpot when he scored nearly $230 000 on a slot machine in Las Vegas last month. The problem is, he didn’t know he won. According to the Nevada Gaming Board, the individual was playing the slots […]

Some dogs can sit. Some can speak. Some can stay. This dog can skate, and is doing it for a good cause. Cheryl Delsangro says she has taught her 8-year-old Labrador retriever, Benny, to skate. “He’ll just run on the ice whenever he wants and skate around after me and chase me and so he […]

Julie-Anne Morgan says she was blown away when she pulled a 7 inch French fry from her freezer. (her husband insists it’d be closer to 9 inches if it wasn’t so cold) “When we lifted the chip out, we said ‘oh my god, look at the size of that’. It’s the biggest chip I’ve ever […]

Following a strong response to COVID-19 booster shots here in the province, Newfoundland and Labrador will be moving to a modified Alert Level 3. The change comes into effect on Monday, February 7th. In Alert Level 3: Bars, cinemas, lounges and bingo halls can reopen with capacity restrictions Your tight 10 can now expand to […]

The Provincial Government has announced a $0.45 increase to minimum wage is coming later this year. As of April 1, 2022, the minimum wage will be $13.20 per hour. The eventual goal is raise the minimum wage to $19.80. The April increase is required under the Labour Standards Regulations and is based on the percentage […]

A teacher in Florida gave her students a chance to experience something new when she had a snowman shipped to the classroom. Robin Hughes, a special education teacher at SouthShore Academy in Tampa, said once she learned that all but two of her kindergarten students had never seen snow before, she made a call to […]

Madhu Kumar was shocked when she realized her son had taken her phone and purchased $2000 worth of furniture from Wal-Mart.  Madhu explains her family had recently moved into a new home and was looking at new furniture online. As she scrolled, she would add would-be purchases into her virtual cart. After she put her […]

Only a pet’s true owner could possibly know their pet so well they’d be able to recognize their furry friend’s unique call. Rachael Lawrence says her cat, Barnaby, had been missing for eight months. While on the phone with her vet about another one of her cats, Lawrence heard a familiar meow in the background. […]

If you ever feel a strange feeling in your ear, go to the doctor. Immediately. Here’s why.. New Zealander Zane Wedding says he felt a strange “wriggling” inside his head after a swim. Writing it off as just some water trapped in his ear, he went about his life. After three days and persisting pain, […]



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