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For the sixth straight week, gas prices increased today. The price at the pumps jumped up by 4.3 cents per litre. Diesel rose as well, up 0.7 cents per litre. Furnace oil went up by 0.37 cents, while stove oil is up by 0.46 cents. Propane prices remained steady.

In the sport of golf, one can score an ‘eagle’. But how about an eagle scoring for you? A golfer in British Columbia managed to record a hole in one thanks to the predatory bird. The golfer said he was playing his first round of the season in Vancouver when an eagle landed on the […]

A man in Ohio has decided to go all-in on Lent this year, giving up food and drink.. except beer. Del Hall, vows he will not eat or drink anything except beer for all 46 days of Lent. He says his incredibly unhealthy diet was inspired by monks from the 1600s, who would make a special […]

The province of Ontario has a made the decision to ban cellphones in classrooms starting next year. Some schools within the province have already instituted similar policies, but this decision will make it applicable for all public schools. Once in place, cellphones will be prohibited during instructional time, with the exception for when teachers want […]

A plane bound for Malaysia was forced to turn around and head back to the airport from which it came from after a baby was left at the boarding gate. The pilot decided to make the unusual request to return to an airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia when they were informed a passenger had forgotten […]

Justin Bieber is being open with his fans regarding his recent battles with depression. The “What Do You Mean” singer posted a black-and-white photo of himself praying on his Instagram recently along with the caption, “Been struggling a lot. Just feeling super disconnected and weird.” He continued with a little bit of positivity , “I always […]

After four days of deliberations, a jury has found Al Potter guilty of first degree murder. Potter has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the stabbing death of Dale Porter in 2014. NTV’s Jodi Cooke and Bart Fraize will have full report, including reactions, during the NTV Evening News Hour.

Canadian figure skating royalty, Tessa Virtue is getting immortalized in the form of her own Barbie doll. “SO EXCITED & HONOURED to be part of it,” Virtue tweeted. “More to come, need to collect my emotions first.” I’ve been wanting to share this news forever!@Barbie’s 60th anniversary #YouCanBeAnything campaign is honouring #MoreRoleModels in their continued commitment to […]

Mostly everyone has ordered a Grande from Starbucks, but now you can order Grande’s Grande. This week, the coffee colossus introduced the “Cloud Macchiato”, an espresso-based, frothy beverage made in collaboration with pop star Ariana Grande. 🌫 @starbucks cloud #cloudmacchiato #starbucksambassador #trythesoyversion 🌱 — Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) March 5, 2019 The Cloud Macchiato is similar to […]

You may remember awhile back, Heinz released a new condiment that was a cross between ketchup and mayonnaise. Well, someone at the company figured, “why stop there?” because new Frankenstein condiments will be hitting store shelves soon. “Sauce lovers nationwide have been mixing different condiments to create flavor combinations that will take their favorite foods […]



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