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If your pooch has trouble going to sleep, researchers are suggesting turning on Ed Sheeran New research has labelled the red-headed singer-songwriter as the number one artist to help your puppy go nap-nap. Of his entire catalogue, his latest collaboration with Taylor Swift, “The Joker and the Queen”, yielded the best results. Swift herself ranked […]

Simon Cowell is probably best known for judging others, with little regard for their feelings. His “no nonsense” attitude and harsh criticism towards those on American Idol and X-Factor and America’s Got Talent have become his claim to fame. It’s because of his brutal honesty he was once offered $150 000 to watch a couple do […]

The province is reporting 15 people currently in hospital due to COVID-19. There are also 197 new recoveries, and 389 new confirmed known cases. There are 2506 active known cases in the Newfoundland and Labrador. During today’s briefing, Health Minister John Haggie also announced changes to visitation requirements for the province’s long term care homes, senior […]

A drawing purchased at a yard sale for $30 has made its purchaser a very VERY rich person. Art collector and consultant, Clifford Schorer, says he was handed a drawing in 2019 from an individual saying it was purchased at a yard sale. After some extensive digging, Schorer discovered the sketch was an original work by […]

Move over Bigfoot, there’s a new half-man, half-beast lurking in the woods. Since Sunday, residents of Staverton in Northamptonshire, England have been reporting sightings of a “6 foot goat-man.” “It was about the height of a person, maybe 6ft or over, but had short powerful legs and hips which seemed to move in a circular […]

A new research project aims to extend the lives of man’s best friend.  The Dog Aging Project already has 32 000 pups signed up for the study and aims to better understand why canines tend to age at vastly different rates and why some breeds fall prey to different illnesses. “Dogs vary enormously in how […]

Ever wanted to live at DisneyLand? Well now you can. Sort of. The Walt Disney Co. has announced it will design residential communities on brand with the company’s theme parks and entertainment businesses. Its first development, Cotino, will contain 1900 housing units, including single-family homes and condominiums in Southern California. The development will also include […]

Just when you thought it was safe to doo doo doo doo doo doo again.. Paramount+ is in the process of turning beloved toddler sing-along song, “Baby Shark”, into a full length movie. Co-produced by Nickelodeon Animation and the Pinkfong Company, the feature film will is expected to hit streaming services in 2023. To date, the “Baby Shark Dance” […]

A couple in Hawaii were in disbelief when they received an electric bill for nearly $18 000. You may even go as far to say they were ‘shocked’. (See what I did there?) Desha-Ann and her husband Rashaan Kealoha of Waianac, Oahu say they have an outstanding balance of $17,860.09, representing years of unpaid invoices, according […]

A British zoo is looking to increase the population of its endangered monkeys and are hoping to set the mood with some sultry love songs. The Trentham Monkey Forest in Stafford, England says it has hired an experienced Marvin Gaye impersonator to perform for some of the zoo’s Barbary macaques. His set list includes classic […]



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