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If you are need of a little extra will power to help curb those junk food cravings, here’s something that’ll learn you real fast! Amazon is selling a bracelet that gives you a 350 volt electric shock every time you cheat on your diet. The bracelet is believed to help your brain associate the bad […]

Author Suzanne Collins has announced she plans and releasing a prequel to the Hunger Games series. Reports indicate the novel will take place following the attempted Panem rebellion, the catalyst for the titular Hunger Games the young adult books are based around. “With this book, I wanted to explore the state of nature, who we are, and […]

During the 2019 NBA championship playoffs, Drake was just as entertaining to watch as the eventual champion Toronto Raptors. Drake’s antics and cheerleading for the team on the sidelines garnered him both positive and negative attention, depending on who you were rooting for. While he certainly made his presence felt during Raptor home games in […]

The cast and crew of the Toronto production of Come From Away have cancelled their planned record attempt for the “world’s largest Screech-In” following backlah from those in this province. Theatre company Mirvish Productions announced last week plans to “Screech-In” the entire audience at an upcoming performance of the musical in Toronto. With a theatre […]

A Florida man is intent on setting a new Guinness World Record for the longest, continuous ride on a ferris wheel. Jake “Paco” Navarro, a radio DJ in Panama City, Florida, boarded the Panama City Sky Wheel on Wednesday morning and says he won’t step off until he completes 53 hours of the fun ride, […]

The next season of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things will debut next month. In celebration, fast food royalty Burger King is releasing what they’re calling the “Upside Down Whopper”. The new take on the signature burger is exactly what sounds like, it’s a whopper served upside down. It’s not anything special, but it is a clever […]

I’m not sure where to begin.. Following the bizarrely viral fame of the “Male Slapping Championships” held this past March, women in Russia are proving their physical prowess with the first ever “Booty Slapping Championships.” Much like the male competition, participants take turns slapping each other as hard as they can. Unlike the male competition […]

Welcome to The Rock if you comes from away! Mirvish Productions, the men and women behind the Toronto production of the hit musical Come From Away, are planning to attempt the world’s largest Screech-In. Next month, Mirvish says it will attempt to screech-in the entire audience following a performance of the story of the town of […]

One week after gas prices fell by 5 cents, motorists are once again seeing a similar change in the cost of gas. The price of the pump is down by 4.6 cents a litre, while diesel fell by 3.4 cents. Furnace and stove oils both dropped by 2.89 cents a litre and propane went down […]

A third grader in California proves that the spirit of giving is alive and well. Ryan Kirkpatrick wasn’t content with some of his classmates not being able to afford to eat lunch at school, so the 9 year old told his mom he wanted to do something about it. “What do you want to do?” […]



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