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A whopping 82 percent of Toronto residents between the ages of 15 and 29 are currently single, according to a report from Berlin-based relocation platform Movinga. Toronto is Canada’s top city for finding love and #24 out of 100 cities overall. Interestingly, women in Toronto say they value “honestly” above all else, while men say […]

Haagen-Dazs has unveiled six alcohol-infused ice cream flavors: Irish Cream Brownie, Rum Tres Leches, Bourbon Vanilla Bean Truffle, Stout Chocolate Pretzel Crunch, Bourbon Praline Pecan, and non-dairy Amaretto Black Cherry Almond Toffee. The flavors have already started rolling out in grocery stores and should be available nationwide by April. Each 14-ounce carton costs $5.29. In […]

The diving team who successfully saved members of a Thai soccer team stuck in a cave recently made another successful rescue: a dog named George who was stuck for three days in a Welsh cave. The Daily Mail reports that Alex Barrett was walking George when the beloved pup fell into a hole and became […]

… But… How?? A 2 year old in Alabama had to be rescued from a restaurant’s claw machine after he crawled inside to retrieve a toy. The toddler’s mom, Kelsey Ingersoll, says her son, Ezra, was playing with his siblings and some friends’ children in the game room at a local Pizzeria when she lost […]

During her appearance on Ellen, Pink announced that not only can we expect her new single “Walk Me Home” on February 22, but also her new album Hurts to Be Human will drop this April. Pink treated the Ellen audience to a preview of her new song, singing a capella: “Walk me home in the dead of night/I can’t be […]

People often spend as much time in the office as they do at home, so it’s easy for them to get a little too comfortable. Here are five things to keep in mind in order to be a good neighbor to your colleagues, courtesy of Lifehacker: Organize your space. Clutter is distracting and keeps us from focusing on […]

It looks like many dog owners are in more loving relationships with their pups than their human partners, according to a new survey from dog-sitting company Rover. A whopping 67 percent of dog people say they gaze lovingly into their canine’s eyes. Meanwhile, 47 percent admit that they cuddle their dog more often than their […]

The American Kennel Club’s Museum of the Dog is opening its doors in New York City on February 8. It houses the world’ largest collection of canine fine art, rare porcelain and bronze dog statues, and a library where visitors can learn about their favorite breeds. “It is exciting to bring this collection back to […]

Following a a disagreement with the producers of the 2019 Grammy Awards, Ariana Grande has decided to skip the show all together. Sources say Grande felt “insulted” after producers nixed her planned performance of her latest single, “7 Rings”. Eventually both parties agreed to allow “7 Rings” to be part of a medley of songs, but Grande once […]



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