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Would you ever let a stranger name your baby? Probably not. How about paying that person for the same service? Seems even less likely. Well it turns out that”professional baby […]

A school district in Texas will be switching to a four-day school week for students in the upcoming year, due to teacher burnout and shortages amid the pandemic. The Jasper […]

If you have an identical twin, I feel like you’ve got to do a secret swap at some point. One man is getting a lot of attention online for avoiding […]

Man’s best friend indeed. According to a new survey, 69% of dog owners think their best friend is actually their dog. As a dog owner myself, I totally get it. […]

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has taken action after Will Smith’s famous slap at this year’s Oscars. Will Smith has been banned from all Academy events for […]

In an age where people are doing things like taking DNA tests to learn about their family’s history, it seems we should probably be asking more questions of those just […]

The biggest dollar store chain in Canada is about to get a little pricier. People flock to Dollarama for great deals on cheap items, and while they’ve offered products beyond […]

I don’t know why, but it feels like March took forever. Either way, it’s behind us and it’s time to look ahead to April and another month of new entertainment […]

I’ve never quite understood why some people have an attachment to product mascot, but the internet’s reaction has been a little extreme since Kraft announced they’re retiring their iconic peanut […]

Earlier this month, Lilly Bullen turned 102 and she’s crediting her longevity to staying youthful. The spirited English great-grandmother is known for doing tequila shots and she counts her favourite […]



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