On Monday afternoon in Lincoln, Nebraska, a 19-year-old woman started a fire in her apartment after she used a butane torch to burn a bunch of old love letters. The Lincoln Journal Star reports that she set some of the smoldering letters down on a carpet, took a nap and awoke to find said carpet on fire. […]

During ESPN’s weekly College GameDay telecast in Ames, Iowa, this past Saturday, die-hard Iowa State football fan Carson King held up a sign that read, “Busch Light supply needs replenished,” (sic) along with his Venmo account information. The money began flowing in as freely as a keg of beer with an open tap, and once King received […]

Dish is looking to hire the “perfect victim” to watch 13 movies based on scary Stephen King novels before Halloween–and will pay them $1,300 to do the job. The only requirements are that applicants are 18 years old, U.S. citizens, and are “detail-oriented enough to track their experience.” The company says they want to “know […]

Won’t you do–uh, I mean, be–my neighbor? A “Sexy Mister Rogers” Halloween costume is on sale this year thanks to racy-costume retailer Yandy. The New York Post reports that their “Nicest Neighbor” costume features with a cropped, red, V-neck sweater with a plunging neckline, high-waisted gray booty shorts and a detached collar and tie–all for $59.99. But wait, […]

A business based out of Michigan is amassing a gargantuan ball of lint. Dryer Vent Wizard has been collecting lint from its 95 franchises around the U.S. since April in hopes of claiming a new Guinness World Record. The company says Guinness World Records officials set the goal for the record at 99 pounds, but it is believed […]

Are you on the fence about signing up for Disney+ service when it launches in November? Well in addition to a butt load of original content that will be developed specifically for the streaming service, here’s what will be available for you to binge right out of the gate.. Movies 10 Things I Hate About […]

Could we be anymore excited for this Friends apparel? Ralph Lauren is debuting a new clothing collection to mark the 25th anniversary of everyone’s favorite sitcom, Friends. People reports that the collection, out Wednesday, features suits, blazers, jackets, and skirts in materials ranging from wool to faux fur. The designer is also teaming up with Bloomingdale’s to serve complimentary cups of coffee in […]

Every so often, Merriam-Webster adds new words to the dictionary as language changes and evolves. This month, they added 530 new words, including the non-binary pronoun use of ‘they’. The new definition is “used to refer to a single person whose gender identity is non-binary”. Other new additions include ‘dad joke’, ‘deep state’, and ‘free […]

The culinary geniuses at KFC have taken their menu to the next level. Cosmopolitan reports the fast food chain is introducing a Donut & Fried Chicken Sandwich. Yup, for just $5.99, diners in select markets can get a piece of fried chicken sandwiched between two glazed doughnuts. KFC is also testing out a Donut & Fried Chicken […]

Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 13 arrives Thursday for anyone with an iPhone 6S model or later. The update promises some significant changes. CNN put together this list of things you can expect from iOS 13: Dark mode. Users can now use a dark background that is said to be both easier on the […]



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