According to the CDC, there’s no evidence to support the notion that food can infect people with COVID-19. But that hasn’t stopped some people from circulating a really wrongheaded rumor that you should clean your produce with dish soap. “Do not use dish soap or other household cleaners to wash your produce,” writes Los Angeles […]

A 103-year-old woman has successfully recovered from coronavirus. Ada Zanusso credits “courage and faith” with helping her beat the deadly illness, adding, “I watch TV, read the newspapers.” The AP reports that Italy and France have the largest populations of people who are “super old”–i.e., over 100–and Zanusso, who was in bed for a week, […]

Could the current COVID-19 pandemic be the catalyst for a reunion of *NSYNC? In a recent interview, former member Lance Bass noted he still keeps in touch with his band mates via video chat apps while practicing physical distancing, noting that Timberlake has been mentioning the boy band more than ever as of late. “I […]

Like many businesses across the country, Canada Goose is doing what they can to help fight COVID-19. The luxury clothing company recently switched production tactics in order to help feed the need for PPE and other medical gear. Originally planning on devoting two facilities to the cause, the company now says it will reopen all […]

A new “smart toilet” developed by Stanford University researcher Sanjiv Gambhir recognizes users’ rear ends and uses cameras and motion sensors to identify “a range of disease markers in stool and urine,” including warning signs for various types of cancer. UPI reports that while the toilet identifies users by reading their fingerprints on the flush […]

More than 300,000 across the world have now recovered after getting sick from the coronavirus, according to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus database, while the number of those infected grew to just under 1.5 million late Tuesday. The database also says that the U.S. now has 300,054 cases, with 21,763 recovered, Newsweek reports, while 12,893 people […]

If stress from our new reality is keeping you awake at night, Lifehacker has some tips to help get some much needed rest. Here are four common scenarios people are experiencing these days in regards to sleep (or lack thereof): Why anxiety wakes you up at night, and how to reclaim your rest. If you […]

Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s prime minister, has re-registered as a medical practitioner and has agreed to work one shift a week in an effort to battle COVID-19. Varadkar, who worked as a doctor for seven years before becoming a politician. “Many of his family and friends are working in the health service. He wanted to help out […]

The Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation has decided to postpone its annual Children’s Miracle Network Telethon in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. “The health of our donors and volunteers is paramount to us,” says Lynn Sparkes, President and CEO, Janeway Foundation. “In light of the uncharted territory in which we all find ourselves presently around […]

On Monday morning, the World Health Organization and Global Citizen announced that they’ve teamed up with Lady Gaga and several major television, radio and streaming networks to air a star-studded One World: Together at Home special. The Gaga-curated event, which is meant to support and honor healthcare workers in the fight against coronavirus, will feature […]



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