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Sometimes you can only laugh. A woman named Angela Holloway says she’s been doing the grocery shopping for her mom and step-dad during the pandemic, and that she usually separates the pet food from the rest of the groceries. But Holloway recently got confused when her mom told her they had eaten “a really lovely […]

Coffee can give you a litte energy boost, but is it better to have it in the morning or afternoon if you’re drinking it at work? Studies say your age could play a role in the answer—one study found college students who had coffee before their morning exams showed improved performances, while those given coffee […]

We all have our favorite snacks, but how many like them so much that they hide their stashes to keep others from eating it? It’s actually more than you’d think. A new survey of 2,000 Americans found that nearly half — 48 percent — say they hidden their favorite snacks around the house. Explaining why, […]

This toddler is getting an early start on his morning “on the way to work” routine. Chase Burton of Oakbank, Manitoba loves donuts with sprinkles and when a craving hit, he hopped into his battery powered Jeep and went for a ride. Accompanied by his parents, Chase made his way up to a Tim Horton’s […]

I bet you already have a specific food in mind you’re hoping for. Yesterday afternoon, the McDonald’s Canada Twitter account made a post teasing that a is coming out of retirement on May 11th, along with a picture of a locked red vault and multi-coloured question marks. The post calls the item in question a […]

Because the last twelve months haven’t been ridiculous enough; a Wisconsin woman has sued Kraft-Heinz for cheese fraud.  She claims that the “fresh mozzarella” on the company’s Bagel Bites pizza is actually “a cheese blend”. She’s claiming bite-sized lies are coming from Kraft-Heinz, since Bagel Bites boxes read that the snack is made with “mozzarella […]

Those cute little Goldfish crackers are about to get a spicy makeover! The brand has teamed up with Frank’s RedHot sauce for the limited-edition Goldfish Frank’s RedHot crackers. A Pepperidge Farm rep told USA Today that the company is giving Goldfish fans what they want after receiving over 35,000 requests for a spicy snack. These Goldfish will hit […]

Whether it’s something you heard about from a friend, a dish you saw at a restaurant, or an idea you came up with, chances are you enjoy an odd food combination. A recent survey asked people about their specific weird food combos and some truly strange ones came up. Responses included pickles wrapped in cheese, […]

Here’s a finding you might disagree with. A study finds that hangovers actually get milder with age. One explanation could be that older folks have reduced pain sensitivity, so they perceive hangovers as less severe than when they were younger. Researchers conclude, “Hangover severity declines with age, even after controlling for the amount of alcohol […]

BTS will have its own menu item availableK-pop group BTS is a global sensation, and now the seven-member boyband is teaming up with McDonald’s. As part of the Mickey D’s signature ordering program, at restaurants and the meal includes an all-new dipping sauce. It will be available in nearly 50 countries, and includes a 10-piece […]



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