This Christmas, if you travel through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then walk through the Lincoln Tunnel of your local grocery store, you may see a box of Elf-inspired cereal on the shelf. General Mills says the holiday themed cereal will consist of maple-flavored corn […]

There have been a LOT of fast food fads over the years, and the people at MSN have compiled a selection of treats (mostly from the past) from every year from 1946 to 2000. Check out the list below and find out which fast food item came out the year you were born. 1946- soft […]

Announced on Tuesday for the first day of fall, Kraft Dinner is getting the pumpkin spice treatment and “it ain’t no basic batch.” According to a press release, “while Pumpkin Spice KD may be trolling the classic ‘PSL’, this spicy cheesy treat is very real and will come in a signature white cup with cinnamon spice topping.” […]

Salty-sweet candy combos are all the rage these days, and now Reese’s is getting into the game by adding pretzel bits to its classic peanut butter cups. CNN reports that the new variety of Reese’s cups will be available in their big-cup and mini-cup sizes, but won’t be rolled out in time for Halloween. However, the […]

a condo listing in Florida has gained viral fame online for its.. unique interior decorating. “They warned me that the home was wallpapered in beer cans,” realtor Kristen Kearney says. “And I thought to myself, ‘Well, I wonder where in the world they found beer-can wallpaper.’” Turns out, the “beer-can wallpaper” was actual beer cans plastered […]

Want to eat like a king? Start thinking like a thief! That’s sort of what TikTok user Noah Wille recommends in a new viral video. The 19-year-old reveals that he scores free eats and drinks every day of the year with nothing but a burner email address and an Excel spreadsheet. “Once upon a time, […]

As Dominion works across the province man the picket lines, they are urging Loblaws, Dominion’s parent company, to donate perishables that would otherwise go to waste to local food banks. “We are aware that there are perishables in the stores and there are people in need across Newfoundland,” says Unifor National President Jerry Dias. “Unifor […]

Now that blueberry season is upon us, here’s something you can do with them that doesn’t involve muffins, or cake, or baking in general. A man in Idaho has set a new Guinness World Records after eating 107 blueberries in one minute. David Rush, the berry eater of note, isn’t a stranger to breaking records. Rush has […]

In a viral YouTube hit come to life, a malfunction in a factory ventilation system caused cocoa powder to rain down on residents of a Swiss town. Candy company Lindt & Spruengli confirmed Tuesday that the chocolate rain was the result of a ventilation system malfunction during the production of a line of roasted cocoa […]

Because nothing says “autumn” like late August, Business Insider reports that Starbucks appears primed to bring pumpkin spice lattes back to its coronavirus-battered locations on August 28. Eater notes that this release date would be consistent with past PSL debuts, including last year’s August 27 pouring premiere. “Drumming up excitement for PSL feels like a […]



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