Whether you enjoy the taste of the classic Bugles corn snacks or just have fond memories of using them as pointy hats for your fingers, you’ll have to search for […]

We may reach for diet soda when looking for a healthier alternative to sugar…but a study from the University of Southern California suggests low-calorie sweeteners may do more harm than […]

Spice up your life! Spicy foods offer a number of health benefits, from speeding up your metabolism to reducing gut inflammation. Capsaicin, a compound found in spicy peppers, can give […]

While Tim Hortons is famous for their coffee and donuts, they also have an extensive lunch menu that consists of sandwiches, soups and, possibly one day, pizza. The iconic Canadian […]

Wake up in the morning with Snoop Dogg. The D-Oh-Double-G  and his Broadus Foods company are releasing a new breakfast cereal called “Snoop Loopz.” “Broadus Foods introduces the best tasting cereal […]

Toronto man Angel Domingo bought a billboard spot in Yonge-Dungas Square to advertise a stick of cheese he found. The board reads: “FOR TRADE: One Cheesestring. Accepting trades for one […]

If making $78 000 a year, working from home, and eating candy sounds like a time to you, keep reading. Online candy retailer, Candy Funhouse, is looking for a “Chief […]

Londoners trying to beat the heat this summer have option of snacking some new, albeit unusual ice cram flavours. A small pop-up called the Ice Cream Project is getting the […]

If you’ve seen the name Linda Skeens floating around online lately, it’s for good reason. The Virginia native went viral after her domination of the Virginia Kentucky District Fair, winning […]

Serendipity3 in Manhattan is bringing back its $200 plate of French fries for July 13th, National French Fry Day. The delectable treat is made with Chipperbeck potatoes, Dom Perignon Champagne, […]



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