Sometimes “available for only a limited time” is a good thing. This past Monday McDonald’s in China served up “burgers” of (get this) SPAM and Oreo crumbs.  The fast food chain described the concoction as “tender and juicy,” “full of meatiness” and with “a hint of sweet aftertaste” that amounts to “an unimaginable double surprise.” […]

Nothing warms you up a cold winter day like a cup of hot cocoa. And with the winter months knocking at our door, Pepsi is hoping to give you the same warm and fuzzies inside with their new idea, “cocoa cola”. Through Twitter, Pepsi wrote, “What’s sweeter than saying ‘bye’ to the worst year ever? […]

With people spending more time at home than ever before due to the pandemic, many people turned to cooking to pass the time. When Google released its list of the most-searched recipes of the year, we learned a little more about what exactly people were cooking or baking in 2020. Here are the five most-searched […]

With fewer people going out to eat in 2020, more people have relied on food delivery. Earlier this week, popular restaurant delivery app SkipTheDishes announced the most popular independent restaurants in St. John’s this year. They are: The Bigs Ultimate Sports Grill (Freshwater Rd.) Sushi Island (Water St.) Burritos Mexican Grill (Topsail Rd.) They also […]

One of the many things we’ve learned over the last year is that in times of stress, people turn to comfort food. It was reported earlier this year that ice cream grocery sales spiked during the pandemic, and now Häagen-Dazs has announced what flavours people were gravitating to the most. It turns out that amid all […]

Nottingham, England is under tight lockdown due to the spike in Coronavirus infections.  Groups larger than six can’t gather and most venues have to close for everything but takeout and delivery. That’s why the owner of 400 Rabbits, the city’s tequila bar, submitted paperwork to become the Church of The 400 Rabbits.  Places of worship […]

WARNING: This story may make you hungry. A French chef has scored himself a Guinness World Record after preparing a pizza with 254 varieties of cheese. Guinness World Records shared a video showing Chef Benoit Bruel weighing out the portions of cheese to make sure there was enough of each variety qualified for a world record. According […]

If you’re wondering what to get the weighted blanket/pizza lover in your life this holiday season, your search is over. Pizza Hut has unveiled the “Original Pan” weighted blanket, which looks like a pepperoni pizza, perfect for snuggling up and sharing some slices. It’s a round weighted blanket, measures 72 inches across and, of course, […]

Mountain Dew is celebrating their 80th birthday by releasing its first-ever cookbook. The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes is being describes as “a compilation of fan-made, fan-inspired, and fan-favorited creations from some of the most imaginative culinary minds on the planet.” The tome contains nearly 40 recipes “ranging from the quick and easy two-ingredient cupcake […]

What started as a well-meant gesture to honour fallen military became a bit of a food fight at a UK grocery store. Metro News reports that a Tesco Extra market in Middlesborough asked customers to take part in a two-minute moment of silence to honor fallen soldiers for Remembrance Day.  Everyone honored the request – […]



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