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Japan’s Prime Minister, Yoshide Suga announced early Thursday that Tokyo will be under a state of emergency related to COVID-19 for the duration of the upcoming Summer Olympics. The rules take effect on July 12th and run until August 22nd, in an effort to curb rising numbers of COVID-19. Suga said that cases in the […]

After a few years of fighting, a woman in Hillsborough, California finally won the battle to keep her strange-looking house just as it is. The town decided to allow the house, which is designed to look like it’s out of “The Flintstones,” to keep additions recently made to the property. The town had previously taken […]

Tokyo Olympics organizers announced yesterday (June 21st) what the guidelines will be for fans at the Summer Games that will begin next month. After having previously said that foreigners wouldn’t be allowed, the organizers said Monday that Japanese residents only will be allowed, at a reduced capacity of 50 percent, up to a maximum of […]

Despite ending its run on TV over a decade ago, the long-awaited Friends re-union special that aired on HBO MAX last month has seemed to re-invigorate everyone’s love for the show. In an attempt to capitalize on the Friends craze, Fana World Travel has announced a Friends themed cruise ship will sail in 2022. The seven-day cruise will […]

If you’re a Canadian between 20 and 40, chances are you have tons of fond memories of Muchmusic, Canada’s answer to MTV and the spawning grounds for many people’s musical tastes. In 2011, the beloved music channel began to resemble its American counterpart, in that it played much less music and much more conventional television […]

The long-awaited ‘Friends’ reunion is finally here and reflection on the massively popular sitcom is all over the internet. YouGov recently asked readers to vote for their favourite main character from the show, and while each of the six received votes, one was clearly a step below the rest. Rachel topped the survey as the […]

The scheduled start of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, which were delayed one year because of the pandemic, is a little over two months away, but a new Kyodo News poll found that just under 60 percent of people in Japan — 59.7 percent — think the Games should canceled. That result comes as coronavirus infections […]

The race is on! After Ellen DeGeneres announced that she is leaving her show after a series of scandals, NBC execs are scrambling to create a succession plan, TMZ reports. Insiders tell the site that NBC execs were eyeing Kelly Clarkson and her titular show as the heir apparent pre-pandemic, but that her show struggled during COVID. Production quality went down and so […]

The one where you can finally mark your calendars. HBO Max has dropped the first teaser trailer for the long-awaited Friends reunion, revealing it will be available for streaming on May 27th.  The get together will reunite show stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer and return them to […]

Ellen DeGeneres is ending her talk show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the long-time host will finish out her contract for next season and then move on from the show. The move is apparently something she’s been mulling over for some time. She says, “when you’re a creative person, you constantly need to be challenged – […]



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