Bring Your Own Cup day at 7-Eleven could get out of hand

Each year, 7-Eleven encourages slurpee lovers to show their creativity via its Bring Your Own Cup Day promotion. This year, the chain is expanding the celebration to two days: August 18 and 19. With that in mind, Elite Daily has compiled this list of a few things you need to remember before picking your cup and heading to your local 7-Eleven. Here they are:

  • What You Can Bring?: According to 7-Eleven, customers can bring a cup or “a container that can serve as a cup” to fill up with their favorite Slurpee flavor or flavors.
  • Things To Remember: Regardless of your cup choice, just make sure it’s food safe and water tight.
  • How Much Does It Cost?: While there’s a limit of one per person, your filled personal cup is only going to run you $1.50.
  • If you were going to take part, what would you bring as your cup? Stephen is going with a fish bowl, Shannell is going with a mop bucket (unused), and Hugh is taking along a recycling bin. Let us know your choice by calling 576-6936 or @OfficialOZFM on Facebook and Twitter!