The OZFM Big Christmas 50/50 Draw

OZFM is embracing the spirit of giving! OZFM giving you a chance at $2000 to make Christmas shopping very Merry. If you win we’ll also give your favorite registered charity $2000 to do what they do best. It’s the OZFM Big Christmas 50/50 Draw!

Enter online using the form below. Each morning at 8:10, The Morning Jam will pick one entrant to play 50/50 Trivia. They’ll also tell us about their chosen registered charity. Trivia winners go into the final 50/50 draw worth $4000!

$2000 for you, $2000 for your registered charity. It’s the OZFM Big Christmas 50/50 Draw, Brought to you by Hakim Optical, Fewer Kia, and the New OZFM!

(Chosen charities must have valid and current charitable registration in Canada)



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