Better have deep pockets if you want to get your hands on one of Bob Ross’s paintings

Bob Ross must’ve made tens of thousands of paintings over the course of his career on PBS. So where are they and how can you buy one? In a season 11 episode of The Joy of Painting, Ross remarked, “One of the questions that I hear over and over is, ‘What do we do with all these paintings that we do on television?’ Most of these paintings are donated to PBS stations across the country. They auction them off and they make a happy buck with them. So if you’d like to have one of them, get in touch with your local PBS station.”

But the website OK Whatever reports that most Bob Ross paintings–including the dozens on display at the Bob Ross Art Workshop and Gallery in New Smyrna Beach, Florida–aren’t for sale, while those that are can cost between $12,000 and $20,000. Your best bet? Try looking on eBay, or see if you can buy one from somebody who acquired theirs through a personal connection to the artist. And if you do find one for sale, contact the folks at the official The Joy of Painting With Bob Ross Facebook page, who will help make sure you’re not getting scammed.




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