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It’s too bad our pets can’t speak to us. Russell Jones of London, England, recently broke his ankle, and then noticed his dog, Billy, was keeping one of his front paws raised while walking with him. He posted a video to Facebook showing the dog seemingly limping next to him as he walked using crutches […]

Today, on the steps of the US Capitol, former Delaware senator and Vice President Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America. Just two weeks after an attempted insurrection on the seat of the USA’s government, he took the oath with former presidents looking on, as well as […]

You remember Pokemon cards? Just one facet of the Nintendo empire of the late 90’s, which also included video games and a tv series, and now a high-priced collector’s item. A box of unsealed, 1999 Wizards of The Coast first-edition base cards just fetched $408,000 at auction.  This set came with 102 cards, including the […]

The 20 foot tall Donald Trump baby balloon is being retired. It started out as a part-protest, part-art piece, and it will end up in the Museum of London, with the end of Donald Trump’s presidency a day away. The team behind the blimp said “We hope the baby’s place in the museum will stand as […]

There has been a rumor for years that Apple has considered making a foldable iPhone and while there’s no big announcement from the company, Bloomberg says Apple has finally developed foldable screens for testing. Apple’s prototype reportedly has a hidden hinge behind one screen, rather than two screens joined together by a “clamshell” design.  The […]

After we were all happy to finally put 2020 behind us, 2021 hasn’t been all that great so far, but one unexpected and delightful thing its has brought is sea shanties trending on TikTok. The old-fashioned work songs that used to be sung by sailors on ships have been popular on the social media app […]

We can’t do enough for our healthcare workers who spend hours on their feet, and apparently Post Malone agrees. The “Better Now” rapper and Crocs are partnering with Musicians on Call to donate 10,000 pairs of Posty’s sold-out Duet Max Clog II to frontline workers at 70 U.S. hospitals. Musicians on Call, is a nonprofit that delivers the […]

One of the most beloved and universally uncontroversial celebs, Tom Hanks, is set to host the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on January 20th in a primetime special dubbed Celebrating America. The show will air on multiple networks, including  ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN, along with Amazon Prime, and kick off at 8:30. Fox and Fox News will not carry the event. […]

Today (Thursday, January 14), Newfoundland and Labrador has one new confirmed case of COVID-19.   The one new confirmed case is a male in the Eastern Health region between 20-39 years of age.   The case is related to international travel and the individual is a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador.   The individual is […]

Kids do the darndest things. A mom in the U.K. says she was in hysterics after she found what she initially thought was a tooth under her nine-year-old daughter’s pillow, but then realized it was a white Tic Tac mint that had been broken in half, and had the jagged end colored red. She found […]



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