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After 11pm on September 14th, RCMP caught a motorist on the TCH near the Witless Bay Line doing 185 km/h. The driver was pulled over, open alcohol was observed in the vehicle, and the 22 year old driver from South River was foudn to be under the influence of alcohol. He was ticketed for speeding […]

Popeyes is still sold out of its ultra-popular chicken sandwiches, telling The New York Daily News that it’s “working tirelessly to bring the new sandwich back to guests as soon as possible.” In the meantime, the chicken chain has released a helpful new video encouraging customers to BYOB–as in “bring your own bun.” The clip, which depicts […]

“I cast you out!” That’s what one mom-to-be in Virginia may be thinking after getting a glimpse of her future child’s demonic-looking mug in a series of ultrasound images last month. “My weird a** daughter…I love this devil baby so much already,” 17-year-old Iyanna Carrington wrote on Facebook alongside pics of the baby’s face, which kind […]

Video games–aka Esports–are apparently a step closer to becoming an Olympic sport. The Esports Observer reports that the International Olympic Committee is partnering with Intel to sponsor a Street Fighter V and Rocket League competition with $500,000 in prize money that will be staged in Tokyo immediately before the start of the 2020 Summer Olympics in that Japanese metropolis. Kotaku notes […]

Apple announced a new iPhone Tuesday, as well as a couple of aggressively priced new streaming services. Reuters reports that the new iPhone 11 Pro will feature three new cameras with wide angle, telephoto and ultra wide lenses, each of which can shoot video and will start at $999. The iPhone will also be available […]

Just in time for the 18th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, the people of New York have passed a law which mandates public schools across the state to allow a brief moment of silence each year. CNN reports that the legislation is intended to “encourage dialogue and education in the classroom” and to […]

On Sunday, someone traveling on the Massachusetts Turnpike posted footage of another driver sleeping behind the wheel of his Tesla, which was in autopilot mode. Dakota Randall, who shared the footage on Twitter, tells the AP that the Tesla was traveling between 55 to 60 miles per hour, and that he honked to try and […]

Twitter users are explaining how they realized they’d become a grown-up, using the viral hashtag “#YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen.” Here are 10 of the best responses (check the link for more): #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen prunes start tasting good. #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen all of your reading time occurs on a packed 8 a.m. train. #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen Words don’t harm you anymore. #YouKnowYoureAGrownupWhen You can wait until […]

CTV News reports that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will visit Rideau Hall tomorrow to ask the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and drop the writ, calling the 2019 Federal Election. Many of the country’s federal political parties have already been in campaign mode, but the move will make it official. Voters are expected to go […]

It’s a man’s world, but not when you play Hasbro’s updated version of its classic Monopoly board game. On Tuesday, the company unveiled Ms. Monopoly, with a female mascot and a tagline that reads, “The First Game Where Women Make More Than Men.” USA Today reports that the game is meant to draw attention to the gender […]



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