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Deportes & Finanzas is out with its latest ranking of the world’s most popular pro basketball teams, and the NBA champion Toronto Raptors top the list with 28.9 million social-media interactions in June. Below are the top 10, nine of which are NBA teams: Toronto Raptors Golden State Warriors Milwaukee Bucks Fenerbahce Beko New York […]

After 10 years on Netflix, WarnerMedia is taking back their show Friends to launch the new streaming service HBO Max next spring. They’ve yet to name their price for us bingers, but HBO Now is $14.99/month, and the reason you’re going to want to call your brother and “borrow” his password is because they’re loading it up with […]

A new invention called the Standcap Inverted Pouch is changing the way consumers use condiments, making the process of dispensing certain foods a whole lot easier. From sour cream to ketchup, the new container is being used for a variety of different foods after Daisy brand sour cream first introduced the bottle in 2015. The […]

Drivers in PEI are inadvertently causing accidents by being too nice on the road, Vice reports that, thanks to a rash of accidents, police are now asking drivers to be less conscientious when yielding the right of way to oncoming traffic. In June, Summerside Police posted about it on Twitter, writing: “Motorists, please don’t be […]

A stray dog found in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday was reunited with its owners after four years. A local ABC affiliate reports that the pup, named Smiley, was picked up by Clark County Dog Shelter staff after they realized he had an implanted microchip. They were able to match the animal with its owners, who […]

Chris Rock has reportedly tapped Samuel L. Jackson to star in his planned reboot of the Saw horror franchise from Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures. Bloody Disguting reports that Rock will play a detective investigating the gnarly crimes in the Darren Lynn Bousman-helmed film, with Jackson portraying his father. Joining the two will be Max Minghella […]

An Asian couple who thought they were giving birth to twins conceived through IVF delivered the wrong children. According to the BBC, the couple has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles-based CHA Fertility Center, claiming they made mistakes and implanted the mother with the wrong embryos. Through genetic testing, it was discovered that the […]

On Saturday in Crestview, Florida, 44-year-old Matthew Morrison walked into the bedroom of a sleeping 9-year-old girl, lit a bunch of firecrackers and threw them under her bed. Suffice it to say, CNN reports that the youngster was traumatized by the horrible Fourth of July prank, and police arrested Morrison (not to be confused with […]

March Madness might have ended in, well, March, but that hasn’t stopped The Ringer from coming up with a single-elimination bracket of 32 of the most annoying kids in television history. Some notable first-round matchups are: A.J. Soprano, The Sopranos vs. Bobby Draper, Mad Men Becca Moody, Californication vs. Steve Urkel, Family Matters Julie Taylor, […]

“Take the summer off!” is what a Manhattan judge told both sides in a music plagiarism lawsuit involving Ed Sheeran last week. Why? According to Rolling Stone, Judge Louis Staton believes the case–which involves Sheeran’s hit single “Thinking Out Loud”–could be determined by what happens with a similar case involving Led Zeppelin. That band is […]



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