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Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly rescued a man in the Caribbean last month who’d been lost at sea for 11 hours. UK’s The Sun reported Thursday that DiCaprio was with friends on a luxury boat off the coast of St. Barts on December 30 when they received a mayday call about a 24-year-old Club Med Cruise crew member who’d […]

What’s the best film soundtrack of all time? Twitter took up this question on Wednesday, and here’s what several respondents had to say (click on the link for many more nominees): The Harder They Come Easy Rider Singles Pulp Fiction Almost Famous Waiting to Exhale Purple Rain Grosse Point Blank Saturday Night Fever Grease

Liam Gallagher announced to his fans on Twitter that he plans to quit his solo career after three albums, and claimed that his brother Noel, who he’s feuded with for years, has “begged him” to reform Oasis, the Irish Times reports. “I intend to retire as solo artist after album no3 as I have just had a […]

It seems that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not talk with the royal family or anyone at Buckingham Palace before publicly announcing they would “step back ” from senior royal duties. Page Six reports that the palace was surprised by the couple’s Wednesday announcement. The official Buckingham Palace curtly says, “we understand their desire to take a […]

Let’s say you’re a woman in your mid-thirties who wants to have kids–soon. Dating sites can be a crapshoot when it comes to finding men with similar objectives, and a sperm donor’s too impersonal. Enter and Modamily, two websites with a shared objective of pairing up potential platonic parents who want to raise children […]

Odis Latham and Russell Sparks didn’t let a set of losing lottery numbers stop them from trying to claim a $100,000 jackpot. To wit, the AP reports that on Monday, the two Mississippi men were arrested for gluing the winning numbers onto a losing lottery ticket. They now face multiple charges, including “uttering counterfeit instrument […]

Oakland Raiders running back Josh Jacobs, who was once forced to live out of a car with his family, just surprised dad Marty Jacobs with a new home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, ESPN reports. “Blessed just bought my pops a house,” Josh tweeted Tuesday, while the Raiders’ Twitter account shared video of his dad’s tearful reaction. […]

Riding high on the success of its meatless Impossible Burger, Impossible Foods unveiled meatless sausage and pork offerings at a trade show in Las Vegas on Monday. The AP reports that Impossible Pork will be rolled out to restaurants first, with no word on when it will hit grocery stores, with Impossible Sausage to follow. […]

The critical consensus on the big-screen adaptation of Cats is that it really, really sucks–unless you’re sky-high on drugs. The Washington Post interviewed hundreds of people who copped to seeing the feline musical while under the influence of marijuana, mushrooms, LSD, and “other mind-altering substances,” and it’s apparently the ideal way to take in the film. One stoner “cried […]

A model now known on social media as the “Naked Philanthropist” lived up to her new name when she promised to send nude pictures of herself to fans who donated to fight Australia’s bushfire crisis. “I’m sending nudes to every person who donates at least $10 to any one of these fundraisers for the wildfires […]



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