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Turbulence is a very common part of air travel, but that doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable. Research has shown turbulence is one of the biggest causes of flying anxiety, but if you get anxious when you’re on a plane that hits a patch of rough air there are some ways to avoid your brain jumping to […]

Netflix announced Wednesday (March 16th) that they are testing out a new fee structure that would allow subscribers to add two additional users outside of their households for an additional fee. The streamer will charge primary account holders $2.99 to create new profiles – with their own login, passwords and personalized recommendations – for the […]

Public Health has revised eligibility criteria for PCR testing. Effective immediately symptomatic individuals who are at increased risk for severe disease, live or work in congregate settings, or are essential to keeping the health system running are eligible for a PCR test. This includes those who are:   60 years and over Children under the age […]

Dogs are apparently entitled to privacy now. Internet users have pointed out that Google Maps has been blurring out the faces of dogs to “protect their privacy.” A Google statement reads: “When we create Street View content from 360 video recordings submitted by users, we apply our algorithms to automatically blur faces and license plates.”  […]

The North Carolina woman who had been fighting to be allowed to keep her “FART” license plate said the Division of Motor Vehicles says she can keep the plate—just not on her vehicle. Karly Sindy of Asheville said she originally applied for the “FART” vanity plate as a joke, and was surprised when it arrived […]

Less than six weeks after he announced his retirement, Tom Brady changed his mind, revealing Sunday (March 13th) that he’ll be returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next season, his 23rd in the NFL and third with the Bucs. The seven-time Super Bowl champion announced the news on Twitter and Instagram, saying he has “unfinished business,” and stating, “These […]

Today (Friday, March 11) there are 22 people in hospital because of COVID-19, 17 in non-critical care and five in critical care. There have been 428 new recoveries since yesterday – 272 in the Eastern Health region, 93 in the Central Health region,45 in the Western Health region and 18 in the Labrador-Grenfell region, and 25,162 […]

Playing video games is usually not thought to have any real benefits, but a new study finds that’s not entirely true. University of Saskatchewan researchers found that gaming may improve peripheral attention skills, which are essential for reading ability. Study leader Shaylyn Kress explains, “Attention is an important part of successful reading. Your eyes need […]

A young reader found an abandoned book on the side of a road in the U.K. 65 years ago, but she just now returned it to the library. The book, titled, Forgotten Submarine, was found by Jill Davies in 1957. She recently re-discovered it on a shelf collecting dust and decided to return it to its original home. […]

Sometimes pranks are very appropriate for the setting they take place in. During a viewing of the new Batman movie on Friday (March 4th) in Austin, Texas, a real-live bat got inside. The moviegoers say the movie had to be paused when staff realized the real-life bat was flying around the theater while they tried […]



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