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A man snowbound in Oregon credits his being alive today to packets of Taco Bell hot sauce. Jeremy Taylor became stuck in some deep snow during a storm on February 24th. After a failed attempt to hike it, Taylor returned to his vehicle in hopes for rescue. After five days of being trapped inside his […]

Beverley Hills, 90210 and Riverdale star Luke Perry has passed away. He was 52. According to sources, the actor passed away earlier today, days after suffering a massive stroke. Perry is best known for his role as Dylan McKay on the teen drama Beverley Hills 90210. In recent years he starred as Fred Andrews in the twisted re-imagining […]

A snowplow driver in California possibly saved a woman’s life after he discovered her inside a vehicle completely covered in snow. The plow operator was clearing roads in South Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago when he inadvertently struck a car that was buried in a snowbank. Inside, the drive found a woman who police […]

The Pittsburgh Penguins are coming to the aid of one of their biggest fans after she was involved in a horrendous car accident. Aside from a punctured lung and a wrist injury, Dwan Street walked away relatively okay given the severity of the crash. However Dwan, an avid hockey player, lost all of her hockey […]

A dangerous internet challenge aimed towards children is being called a hoax by some. Internet fact-checking website Snopes is warning the “Momo Challenge” may be a hoax, with no confirmed cases of suicide or self-harm amongst children being linked to the challenge. YouTube has also been unable to locate or confirm the existence of any videos […]

For the second straight week, the price of gas increased. You’ll be paying an extra $0.019 a litre at the pumps if your gas gauge is creeping towards the “E”. There were some decreases this week, as diesel went down by $0.006 a litre, and furnace oil dropped by $0.0046. Stove oil rose by $0.026 […]

The Smartmouth Brewing Company in Norfolk, Virginia has brewed up a new IPA using heart, stars and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of gold and rainbows, and red balloons. Called “Saturday Morning”, the ale tastes like the dehydrated marshmallows found in a box of Lucky Charms. In order to mimic the breakfast cereal, Smartmouth […]

Captain of the Newfoundland Growlers, James Melindy, has been handed down a seven game suspension and an undisclosed fine after a locker room brawl with Mike Folkes of the Brampton Beast. Folkes was also suspended and fined for his role in the incident. Mike Folkes and James Melindy going at it after warmups prior to […]

Construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar Inc. used two large machines to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest game of Jenga. The gargantuan version of the game featured a 320E excavator, a TH514C telehandler, a 277D multi-terrain loader, a M316D material handler and a 349E excavator being used to manipulate the 27 laminated pine […]

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns returned to the ring last night on Monday Night RAW to give an update on his battle with leukemia. The former world champion gladly announced, to the delight of fans in attendance, that his cancer is in remission. “I am so grateful, I am so honored and I am so humbled […]



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