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An elementary school in Britain is claiming it broke a Guinness World Record after 350 people performed the “Baby Shark” song and dance at a school fair. The Holy Trinity School saysa Guinness representative was on hand to observe the attempt, and they are now awaiting confirmation from the organization that the record was indeed […]

The City of St. John’s has terminated a memorandum of understanding in place between themselves and the Newfoundland Growlers and St. John’s Edge. The MOU was signed in March of 2018, which included the possibility of the owners of the Growlers and Edge taking over the management of Mile One Centre and the St. John’s […]

A Nova Scotia man either got himself into a real predicament or was living out a dream come true. The jury is still out. Gaurav Arora was in the midst of eyeing the beer selection at the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation location in the Halifax business park of Bayers Lake Sunday night when the lights […]

Stranger Things has proven to be a bigger hit that Netflix could have imagined. The third season of the Netflix original series saw 40.7 million accounts tune in over the weekend, making it the biggest viewership number for a Netflix original series or film in it’s first days. Of that initial number, 18.2 million accounts […]

The Easter Seals NL building at 206 Mount Scio Road in St. John’s experienced some extensive flooding over the weekend that severely damaged the majority of the facility. The flooding also left office equipment and specialized equipment used by the charity’s 20 programs aimed at individuals of all ages, with all disabilities, ruined. The organization […]

Just weeks before Disney is set to release the “sure to be a blockbuster” live-action remake of The Lion King, the studio has already given us a taste of the next project in their ongoing series of animated classics turned real life re-imaginings. On Sunday, the first trailer for a new version of the 1998 animated […]

Disney fans are being told “not to worry” when it comes to rumours that the corporation is planning on shutting down a favourite Magic Kingdom attraction. The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida shut down online rumors that it was re-purposing the “Enchanted Tiki Room” into something a little more modern and relevant in […]

I can only imagine the kinds of things customs agents must come across on a daily basis. U.S. Customs and Border Protection at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago say they confiscated 32 pounds of rat meat from a passenger flying into the U.S. from Côte d’Ivoire, Africa. A spokesman for Chicago’s CPB office says the […]

Imagine working within the beauty industry and being asked to do your thing at one of the biggest celebrity weddings of the year. A local hairdresser and business woman had that opportunity when she was hired to take part in the second of two exchanges of nuptials between pop star Joe Jonas and Game of […]

After a sizable jump in price last week, gas is once again a little more expensive this week. As of today, you’ll be paying an extra 3.4 cents per litre. Diesel fuel went up by 1.1 cents. Furnace and stove oils increased by 0.9 cents a litre. There was no chance in propane.



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