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Emilio Estevez is coming back to T.V. because Ducks fly together. The actor is set to reprise his role of Gordon Bombay from The Mighty Ducks in a new series for Disney+. “Once a Duck, always a Duck!,” Estevez says. “After 25 years, I am delighted to lace up my skates, put on Coach Bombay’s jacket […]

Rick Moranis is known for his roles in Spaceballs, Little Shop of Horrors, Ghostbusters, and probably most famously, the lead role in Disney’s Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Despite a successful career, Moranis stepped away from the big screen in the mid 90’s to devote his life to his children following his wife’s passing. But he’s coming back! Moranis […]

Rihanna has a date with Pharell this Valentine’s Day. The “We Found Love” singer has revelaed she and Williams will be in the studio over the Love Day weekend working on her highly anticipated ninth album. “I’m going to be in the studio,” Rihanna confirmed in a recent interview. “I’m so excited actually. I can’t say […]

A healthy work-life balance is important. Maybe more important than you think. Studies have shown that working extra hours often results in one being less and less productive on a diminishing scale. So while you may think you’ll get more done by pulling extra hours, you’re not getting as much done as you think. Not […]

Actor and future Batman Robert Pattison is being named “the most handsome man in the world” according to science. The claim is based on what cosmetic surgeons are calling the “Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi.” The ratio measures physical perfection reportedly adapted from the “golden ratio” artists and architects used during the European Renaissance to […]

AirBnb has announced a pilot program that will restrict Canadian guests under the age of 25 from booking entire home listings in Canada. Senior vice-president of global policy and communications at Airbnb, Chris Lehane, announced the changes in order to reduce incidents of what is being called “unauthorized parties”. The announcement follows a tragic shooting in Toronto back in […]

You may recall the story of an animal shelter in Florida that is bringing attention to shelter dogs by featuring them on their beer cans. Well, not only has it helped some of these dogs find fur-ever homes, but the campaign also assisted in a very special reunion. Monica Mathis was browsing social media when […]

Attention 90’s kids! One of your fav lunchtime snacks looks like it’s trying to make a comeback. Dunkaroos, the delicious combination of small cookies with a side of frosting, posted on Instagram highlighting various (and some regrettable) fashion trends from the 90’s, concluding that they probably shouldn’t be repeated. However, there was a least one […]

A bar in London, England is celebrating its opening by offering up patrons (and anyone passing by really) with outdoor wine. The Vagabond has installed an ATM that dispenses prosecco outside its eighth location called the “Vagabank”. So if you happen to be in London on a Thrusday, be sure to pop by for free prosecco. […]

A zoo in England is asking for donations of cologne and perfume for its wild cats. Banham Zoo in Norfolk says their lions, tigers and leopards “respond very positively to unique scents when sprayed in their enclosures”. They even have a preference. “For some reason Calvin Klein perfume is a huge hit with all big […]



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