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Sia is certainly feeling the Christmas spirit. The Australian pop singer went incognito into a Wal-Mart in Palm Springs, California and offered to pay for everyone’s purchases. True to form, Sia concealed her identity by claiming to be a woman named “Cici” who had just won the lottery and wanted to share her wealth.

At just six years old, Emma Clarke is currently battling cancer the third time. According to a GoFundMe Page, Emma’s was admitted into the Janeway in February of 2018, and since then has had three surgeries and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Keeping in good spirits despite the life of hardships, the little girl from Victoria, […]

Not everyone is in love with Baby Yoda. The bite-sized, green skinned, big eared creature from the Disney+ original series The Mandalorian has caused a stir of affection since debuting a few weeks back, but for one Twitter user, he can’t wait to see him go. Toronto-based podcaster Will Sloan tweeted his displeasure with the character and […]

A mall Santa in Penticon, British Columbia is heading to the North Pole Unemployment Office after uploading photos to his social media that are more naughty than nice. “They call the pictures dirty or inappropriate,” former Santa Gary Haupt says. “They’re none of those things. It’s just hard for me to swallow that part.” One […]

The internet can be a wonderful way to communicate and share information. It can also be a means by which people encourage other people to do ridiculous things. Remember the Tide Pod challenge? An Instagram influencer has gained some viral fame after preaching the benefits of of ‘butt sunbathing’. User @MetaphysicalMeagan says the practice is […]

A 23 year old man has been arrested in Toronto after spending a few days throwing poop at unsuspecting bystanders. (I really wish I was making this up) Samuel Opoku was taken in by police and charged with five counts of assault with a weapon and five counts of mischief interfere with property. The first […]

A stray dog in Chatham-Kent, Ontario has become somewhat of a hero after being found protecting five kittens from the cold last week. The Pet and Wildlife Rescue (P.A.W.) shelter shared pics of the pooch and the litter on their Facebook page on Nov. 16, captioning the post with “stray sweetheart,” was “keeping her ‘babies’ […]

Organizers of the Iceberg Alley Music Festival announced earlier this month that they were thinking about packing up their big, blue tent and moving from St. John’s to Mount Pearl. But plans have since changed it seems as St. John’s City Council announced last night that the multi-day concert will be staying put for the […]

Approximately 70 kilograms (154 lbs) of bologna was stopped from entering the United States from Mexico. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the driver told agents he had rolls of frozen turkey in his truck. After a closer inspection, it was determined that it was Mexican bologna, which is made of pork. Bologna can’t be carried […]

Here’s some news that both men and women can be equally bummed about. This year’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show has officially been cancelled. “We’ll be communicating to customers, but nothing that I would say is similar in magnitude to the fashion show… You can be sure we’ll be communicating with customers through lots of vehicles including social […]



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