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A New Zealand couple who thought they had set a new world record for the world’s heaviest potato were ultimately disappointed to find out their “potato” wasn’t actually a potato.  In August 2021 Colin and Donna Craig-Brown unearthed a 17.4 lbs potato (which they named “Dug”) and contacted Guinness World Records thinking the massive spud must […]

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE! As the Russian invasion continue to ravage Ukraine, tech pioneer Elon Musk has come forward with a possible solution to the conflict. The Tesla CEO and founder of Space-X has publicly challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to a fight with the winner deciding the fate of Ukraine. I hereby challengeВладимир […]

Today, Health Minister John Haggie says he plans to repeal the State of Public Health Emergency in Newfoundland and Labrador as of 12:01 am Monday, March 14th. The State of Emergency has been in place since 2020. He also noted that today will be the last regularly scheduled COVID-19 briefing, barring any, in his words, […]

A restaurant in France has mistakenly come under fire from those protesting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  La Maison de la Poutine in Paris, which specializes in fries covered in gravy and cheese curds, says they have received numerous angry messages and even threats after some have confused the restaurant’s name and signature dish as […]

If your pooch has trouble going to sleep, researchers are suggesting turning on Ed Sheeran New research has labelled the red-headed singer-songwriter as the number one artist to help your puppy go nap-nap. Of his entire catalogue, his latest collaboration with Taylor Swift, “The Joker and the Queen”, yielded the best results. Swift herself ranked […]

Simon Cowell is probably best known for judging others, with little regard for their feelings. His “no nonsense” attitude and harsh criticism towards those on American Idol and X-Factor and America’s Got Talent have become his claim to fame. It’s because of his brutal honesty he was once offered $150 000 to watch a couple do […]

The province is reporting 15 people currently in hospital due to COVID-19. There are also 197 new recoveries, and 389 new confirmed known cases. There are 2506 active known cases in the Newfoundland and Labrador. During today’s briefing, Health Minister John Haggie also announced changes to visitation requirements for the province’s long term care homes, senior […]

A drawing purchased at a yard sale for $30 has made its purchaser a very VERY rich person. Art collector and consultant, Clifford Schorer, says he was handed a drawing in 2019 from an individual saying it was purchased at a yard sale. After some extensive digging, Schorer discovered the sketch was an original work by […]

The Ottawa occupation caused some major problems for our nation’s capital. While hundreds of individuals set up camp and held Parliament Hill and the surrounding downtown core hostage, the day to day lives of the city’s citizens and businesses was put on hold. With the protestors now vacated, the City’s council put forward a motion […]

Move over Bigfoot, there’s a new half-man, half-beast lurking in the woods. Since Sunday, residents of Staverton in Northamptonshire, England have been reporting sightings of a “6 foot goat-man.” “It was about the height of a person, maybe 6ft or over, but had short powerful legs and hips which seemed to move in a circular […]



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