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A young boy in Montana recorded his good deed for the day after returning a set of military dog tags to their rightful owner. 15 year old Wyatt Macy says he spotted something shiny in his yard. “Right here, looked down and just seen something metal and bent down, grabbed it, just a little dog […]

The Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation is aiming to re-open stores to the public when the province moves to Alert Level 3 on June 8th. According to the company’s website, the NLC’s “primary focus during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency has consistently been on the health and safety of its employees and customers” and will […]

Thanks in part to the Netflix docu-series The Last Dance, there’s been a large focus on the legendary basketball career of Michael Jordan. The recent attention to his NBA career has caused an explosion in the world of sports memorabilia collecting. According to Huggins & Scott Auctions, a ticket stub from Jordan’s NBA debut with the Chicago Bulls from […]

Dogs = Good. Reading = Good. Put the two together = Good! People. Animals. Love. (PAL) are using therapy dogs to help kids work on their reading skills. Normally, the Washington, D.C. based organization would meet the kids face t face at an area library. Due COVID-19 however, the program has moved to the Zoom app. […]

A man into Toronto was surprised to say the least when a package he ordered eight years ago showed up at his doorstep. Elliot Berinstein says on May 6th, Canada Post dropped of a package from the website “I was very confused because I hadn’t ordered anything from in a while,” Berinstein recalled. […]

Here in Newfoundland and Labrador, spotting a white bear is somewhat of a regular occurrence. However, the white bears we get here are suppose to be white. The one spotted recently in Banff is not. Cara Clarkson and her family we driving along the TCH in Banff National Park when they spotted a rare, white […]

Since there’s no baseball, you might as well put those empty ballparks to good use. As part of the “Uptown Drive-In Experience”, the parking lot outside New York’s Yankee Stadium is going to be converted into a drive-in movie theater this summer. In addition  showing movies, the venue will also house live concerts, car-side dinner […]

A young boy helped crack a decade old robbery case after he reeled in a lock box from the bottom of a lake. Knox Brewer of Johns Island, South Carolina likes to pass the time by grabbing his rod and go “magnet fishing”, looking for lost metal objects in the water. Earlier this month, the […]

A 27 year old mom has gone viral for her “recipe” for “water Popsicles”. Erin Bachman has two young sons who enjoy eating Popsicles, however their favourite snack always seems to end up on their clothes, and the furniture, and the floor, and everything. The solution? Make “Popsicles” out of something that won’t stain or […]

A 10 year old in Danbury, Connecticut is on a mission to cheer up kids in foster care and homeless shelters who may be feeling down during the pandemic. Chelsea Phaire has sent more than 1500 art kits containing markers, crayons, paper, coloring books, colored pencils, and gel pens to kids across the U.S. with the help […]



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