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The story of the town of Gander is heading to Asia. Next May, Come From Away is scheduled to open in Shanghai for a limited engagement, with further cities to be announced. This will mark the first time the Broadway musical will be performed in an non-English speaking country. The musical opened on Broadway in 2017 and […]

Sorry kiddies, there are no plans for a sequel to “The Goonies” according to one of the movie’s stars. “There ain’t no damn ‘Goonies’ reunion,” Corey Feldman responded when asked about a potential continuation of the 1985 flick. He went on to say any rumours of a potential sequel are simply that, rumours. Feldman played Clark […]

A source close to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle says the Royal couple is considering making Canada their new home. “Meghan and Harry have considered moving to Canada, as it’s part of the Commonwealth,” says the source. In the meantime, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to be enjoying their family in the English […]

Students at an Alaska high school are crying foul after school officials banned the use of cell phones in school. Lumen Christi High School in Anchorage debuted a new policy at the start of the school year that requires its students to hand over their phones at the beginning of the day, not to be […]

Troubled pop star Aaron Carter says he’s moving to Canada. The younger brother of of Baskstreet Boy Nick Carter, said in a tweet that he was on his way to “see his new home” while claiming that Nova Scotia is one of his “FAVORITE PLACES IN THE WORLD!” So I’m about to get a rental car […]

The Batman-ish inspired film Joker debuted at #1 over the weekend, taking in $93.5 million domestically and $234 million worldwide. The massive opening not only marks the biggest domestic opening for the month of October ever,  but also marks the fourth largest opening for an R-rated film. With Joker’s taking the top spot, last week’s #1, Abominable, fell […]

While experts are choosing to remain mum, oddsmakers are penning 16 year old environmentalist Greta Thunberg for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Bookmakers say Thunberg will win the Nobel Peace Prize for her’Fridays for Future’ movement where she implemented a school strike to raise awareness of the climate disaster, one of which say thousands of people […]

The Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corp. says it’s raising the prices of beer. Following a yearly review, the cost of a six-pack will cost an extra 30 cents. A dozen is set to go up by 50 cents.

Newfoundland and Labrador actor Allan Hawco has been cast in the upcoming new season of the Amazon Prime series Jack Ryan. Hawco tweeted the news yesterday, noting they shot the series last summer in Colombia. While not revealing when exactly he”ll show up, he did share that he’s “in all season almost”. Very true. We shot […]

“Time outs” are a common and effective way of disciplining a child. Seems like someone in Estonia figured, ‘if they work for kids, maybe they’ll work for adults!’. Police in the Eastern European country are testing out a pilot project that will give first time speeding offenders the choice of a fine, or a time […]



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