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A man in Germany may have been surprised when he had a speeding ticket mailed to him recently. But he was absolutely shocked to see that the offending driver was his dog! The citation not only informed the man of his offence, but also included an image captured by a traffic camera that seemed to […]

Loblaw Companies Ltd. and PepsiCo Inc. have come to a resolution in a dispute that saw several popular food brands absent from grocery store shelves. “All along, this was about providing value to our customers,” Catherine Thomas, Loblaw vice-president of communications said. “We’re happy to have a wider assortment in our chip aisle once again, […]

Workers at a French fry factory in New Zealand were booming after discovering an unusual “muddy potato” was actually a World War II era explosive. Richard Teurukura of the Mr. Chips factory in East Tamaki, Auckland was monitoring a conveyor belt when he noticed one of the spuds looked slightly off. Teurukura cleaned the object and […]

Council members in St. Blazey, England are feeling the ire of residents after announcing they are banning the planting of daffodil bulbs near a popular play area. “After recent play inspection training we were advised not to have daffodils in play areas as all parts of the daffodil can be poisonous,” a spokesperson for council […]

90’s Alt-Rockers the Gin Blossoms and local favourites Timber are headed to the Churchill Park Music Festival! The two new acts will be part of the already stacked line up of Matchbox 20 and Our Lady Peace on August 13th. Formed in 1987, the Gin Blossoms released their first album, New Miserable Experience, in 1992. The album […]

A woman in Mexico was surprised when she learned the homeless dog she rescued was actually a wild coyote. Andrea Athie says she was driving when she noticed the car in front of her hit an animal and drove off. Without hesitation, Andrea loaded the animal into her car and drove to a local vet. […]

Procter & Gamble has come under fire after suggesting that women’s feet smell worse than men’s. “Women’s feet smell five times worse than men’s. If you don’t believe it, smell it,” the consumer goods company said in a now-deleted post on Chinese platform, WeChat. The post was meant to promote a line of fragrant body […]

For the times you’ve wanted to ass mayo to your poutine or gravy to your tuna sandwich, Hellmann’s is adding a gravy flavoured mayo to their lineup. The new condiment Frankenstein is one of three new flavours being made for public consumption. The other two being a chili mayo and a Coronation mayo. “We’re incredibly […]

After 31 years of “the lie detector determined, that was a lie” and “you ARE the father”, Maury is about to wrap things up.  “Maury and I decided two years ago that this season would be the farewell season for the show, and while his retirement is bittersweet, we are so happy for him to be […]

Tom Brady‘s announcement that he was un-retiring after only a couple of months after calling it a career was a welcomed surprise for many of his fans, except maybe for the guy who spent $500 ooo for the ball used for his “last touchdown pass” pre-un-retiring. The anonymous buyer paid $518 628 USD for what […]



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