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Newfoundland is about to go rogue. Earlier today, 2001 Investments introduced the province to the newest basketball team to call St. John’s home, the Newfoundland Rogues. Free spirits have always […]

During today’s COVID-19 briefing, the provincial government shed a little more light on the upcoming vaccine passport system. Minister of Digital Government, Sarah Stoodley, explained fully vaccinated you will receive […]

Zellers has come back from the dead. A pop-up shop designed to look like the iconic Canadian department store has been set up in Burlington, Ontario, much to the delight […]

Get ready to take a trip to the Mushroom Kingdom. Chris Pratt has signed up to voice the world’s most famous Italian plumber in a new animated movie based on […]

This wedding ceremony has gone to the dogs. Organizers in Chicago say they are hoping to gather more than 178 canine couples in order to break the record for the […]

Students across the province need not concern themselves with public exams this year. For the third straight year, the exams have been scraped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “While Newfoundland […]

Christmas may be extra green this year as prices for decorations and Christmas trees are expected to rise. “If you’re looking for a new tree, you don’t want to wait,” […]

If you ever wanted to visit the Hundred Acre Wood, now’s your chance. Disney and AirBNB have teamed up to create a “Bearbnb” in celebration of Winnie the Pooh’s 95th […]

Kraft Heinz thinks Heinz ketchup is good the last drop. The condiment king has debuted a new invention call the “Packet Roller”, which is designed the squeeze every last morsel […]

Do Mickey and his friends trick you into getting hungry at Disneyland? According to one TikTok user, yes. @hangryblogger claims both Disneyland and Disney World use devices called “Smellitizers” to fill […]



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