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Imagine winning hundreds of thousands of dollars and not even know it. A man from Arizona hit the literal jackpot when he scored nearly $230 000 on a slot machine […]

Some dogs can sit. Some can speak. Some can stay. This dog can skate, and is doing it for a good cause. Cheryl Delsangro says she has taught her 8-year-old […]

Julie-Anne Morgan says she was blown away when she pulled a 7 inch French fry from her freezer. (her husband insists it’d be closer to 9 inches if it wasn’t […]

Following a strong response to COVID-19 booster shots here in the province, Newfoundland and Labrador will be moving to a modified Alert Level 3. The change comes into effect on […]

The Provincial Government has announced a $0.45 increase to minimum wage is coming later this year. As of April 1, 2022, the minimum wage will be $13.20 per hour. The […]

A teacher in Florida gave her students a chance to experience something new when she had a snowman shipped to the classroom. Robin Hughes, a special education teacher at SouthShore […]

Madhu Kumar was shocked when she realized her son had taken her phone and purchased $2000 worth of furniture from Wal-Mart.  Madhu explains her family had recently moved into a […]

Only a pet’s true owner could possibly know their pet so well they’d be able to recognize their furry friend’s unique call. Rachael Lawrence says her cat, Barnaby, had been […]

If you ever feel a strange feeling in your ear, go to the doctor. Immediately. Here’s why.. New Zealander Zane Wedding says he felt a strange “wriggling” inside his head […]

Imagine sharing a name with a highly contagious disease. And not just any disease, the focus of a global pandemic that has made masks, nose-swabs, and lockdowns a normal part […]



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