Author: Robert Shawn

Here in Newfoundland and Labrador, spotting a white bear is somewhat of a regular occurrence. However, the white bears we get here are suppose to be white. The one spotted recently in Banff is not. Cara Clarkson and her family we driving along the TCH in Banff National Park when they spotted a rare, white […]

Since there’s no baseball, you might as well put those empty ballparks to good use. As part of the “Uptown Drive-In Experience”, the parking lot outside New York’s Yankee Stadium is going to be converted into a drive-in movie theater this summer. In addition  showing movies, the venue will also house live concerts, car-side dinner […]

A young boy helped crack a decade old robbery case after he reeled in a lock box from the bottom of a lake. Knox Brewer of Johns Island, South Carolina likes to pass the time by grabbing his rod and go “magnet fishing”, looking for lost metal objects in the water. Earlier this month, the […]

A 27 year old mom has gone viral for her “recipe” for “water Popsicles”. Erin Bachman has two young sons who enjoy eating Popsicles, however their favourite snack always seems to end up on their clothes, and the furniture, and the floor, and everything. The solution? Make “Popsicles” out of something that won’t stain or […]

A 10 year old in Danbury, Connecticut is on a mission to cheer up kids in foster care and homeless shelters who may be feeling down during the pandemic. Chelsea Phaire has sent more than 1500 art kits containing markers, crayons, paper, coloring books, colored pencils, and gel pens to kids across the U.S. with the help […]

To mark the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon oh Hope, Adidas are releasing sneakers reminiscent of those Fox wore as he ran across Canada in support of cancer research and awareness. The sneaker’s shoelaces will have quotes by Fox on them and the words”Terry Fox” printed alongside the iconic Adidas stripes. Each shoe will also […]

A charity in England is seeking some brave individuals who are willing to walk barefoot on LEGO bricks. The sheer act of braveness is a fundraiser for Caudwell Children, a charity that provides practical and emotional support to children with disabilities and their families. “Nearly everybody has had that experience of standing on a little […]

Due to COVID-19, Alanis Morrisette was forced to postpone her tour commemorating the 25th anniversary of her Jagged Little Pill. Instead, she has decided to use her classic album to help out those affected by the pandemic. You Live, You Learn: A Night with Alanis Morissette and Jagged Little Pill is scheduled for Tuesday, May 19th, beginning at […]

The provincial government announced today that they are directing the Public Utilities Board to provide a one-time, lump-sum rebate to electricity customers whose bills are affected by oil prices. Residential and commercial customers whose power rates are affected by the Holyrood Generating Station or diesel generators are eligible for the rebate. The finer details regarding […]

Officers in Burlington, Ontario were left in awe after pulling over a vehicle going 308 km/h. (191 mph) The 19 year old offending driver was stopped in his W204-generation Mercedes C63 AMG around 10 pm this past Saturday on Queen Elizabeth Way in Burlington. 308 km/h on the #QEW. Two 19 year kids going for […]



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