Author: Robert Shawn

Hate the idea of leaving your dog at home while you go to the movies? Now you don’t have to! K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas, are giving moviegoers the opportunity to have a date night with their doggo. The dog-friendly movie theater offers $15 tickets for you, up to two of your pooches, AND the promise of bottomless […]

Back in the mid-80’s, Coca-Cola (for whatever reason) decided to change the formula to their globally popular soft drink. The public wasn’t happy with the switch and the company quickly went back to what works. In 2019, thanks to the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, Coca-Cola is bringing it back. The upcoming third season of the […]

Fans of the Spice Girls (I like to call them the “spice rack”) now have a chance to live like the members of the British girl group. The groups Union Jack double decker bus, featured in their 1997 movie Spice World,  is now taking rentals on AirBnb. According to the rental accommodations website, the interior of […]

The conclusion to HBO’s epic, Game of Thrones, aired this past Sunday, and despite it drawing 13.6 million viewers, many were quick to criticize and discredit the finale. Some fans have even started an online petition demanding a do-over in the entire final six episodes. With an overall mixed reaction on whether or not one of the […]

Internet sensation Grumpy Cat has passed away at the age of seven. The feline curmudgeon, real name Tadar Sauce, died in the arms of her owner on Tuesday, according to a statement posted on Twitter. Some days are grumpier than others… — Grumpy Cat (@RealGrumpyCat) May 17, 2019 “Despite care from top professionals, as […]

When asked, nearly half of American have admitted to jumping into a pool as a means to wash themselves. In a recent study, researchers with the Sachs Media Group on behalf of the Water Quality & Health Council, found a large portion of people would opt for a quick swim after exercise, strenuous work, or […]

The Public Utilities Board have made their adjustments to the prices of gas and other fuels for the province today, with the price of gas decreasing for the the third straight week. The price of gasoline dropped by 1.3 cents per litre, while diesel decreased by 0.9 cents. Furnace and stove oil also saw a […]

Popular kids TV show, Arthur has been on the air for over 20 years, and to mark the premiere of its 22nd season, the show featured a longtime character reveal he’s gay and his marriage to his boyfriend. The episode titled “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone,” Arthur and his friends attend their teacher’s wedding. They […]

Alex Kunda is true to his word. The high school student from Brunswick, Georgia, hasn’t missed a day of school after making a promise to his sister when he was 4 years old. Alex made his promise of perfect attendance to his sister, Miranda, just before she passed away in 2006. “This was the one […]

Rumour has it Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran have something in the works. News of the possible collaboration was fueled by Sheeran’s manager posting photos online of the redheaded singer standing in front of a green screen with the caption, “This guy! Something is happening.” The pic mimics a photo recently shared by Bieber’s manager, […]



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