Author: Robert Shawn

A farmer in England has had enough with motorists speeding down a road in her town, so she decided to do something about it. Edie Pope, 71, set up what she calls a “scare-cop” on the side of her road in hopes that speeding drivers will slow down. The mannequin is dressed head to toe […]

By now you’ve probably noticed old aged pictures of your friends and favourite celebrities flooding your social media feeds. You may have also jumped on that bandwagon by downloading FaceApp to see what you may look like in your twilight years.  But while may seem like a harmless bit of fun, you may be unwillingly putting […]

Motorists saw yet another increase in fuel prices today. The price of gasoline went up to 1.9 cents per litre, while diesel increased by 2.4 cents per litre. Heating oils also saw increases across the board. Furnace oil and stove oil went up by 2.04 cents per litre, and propane jumped by 1.0 cents per litre.

Ed Sheeran is no stranger to collaborations. In fact, his latest release, No. 6 Collaborations, is nothing but Eddy teaming up with a variety of artists including Justin Bieber, Eminem, Chance the Rapper and Bruno Mars. However, his latest collaborative effort is one that no one could have ever predicted. Should you ask Alexa, the virtual […]

A Belgian man has set a new Guinness World Record after he spent 116 consecutive hours sitting on a toilet. Jimmy De Frenne says Guinness does not yet have a record for longest time sitting on a toilet, and he felt that he was the man to establish it. De Frenne sat on a toilet, […]

Firefighters at a Wisconsin station were more than confused when they opened a package from Amazon and found women’s lingerie inside. The Menomonie Professional Firefighters Union say an Amazon package arrived at the station without any sender information or a receipt inside. While we appreciate the gesture, to whomever sent the fire department this package, […]

A massive blackout affecting the west side of Manhattan, New York ruined the plans for theatre goers this past Saturday night. But as the old saying goes, “the show must go on..” As a sea of people exited the a blackened Schoenfeld Theatre, the cast of the NYC production of Come From Away were concocting a […]

For anyone who is even a little bit scared of flying, this is their worst nightmare. An Air Canada flight bound for Australia to make an emergency landing after a bout of intense turbulence cause a variety of injuries to passengers. An Air Canada spokesperson says the the flight from Vancouver to Sydney encountered “un-forecasted […]

The St. John’s Farmer’s Market is celebrating its 1 year anniversary at their Freshwater Road location by extending their summer hours. Starting this weekend and lasting until the end of August, the market will be open every Saturday from 9 am – 4 pm and every Sunday from 11 am – 4 pm. They will […]

A bunch of 24 red grapes have set a new record as they were purchased for $11 000 USD at auction. A Japanese businessman was the highest bidder on the most expensive grapes on record, dropping 1.2 million yen on them. He says he chose that amount since it has been 12 years since these […]



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