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In a posting on the Costco Canada website titled “Face Mask Requirement”, the company is asking customers to wear masks or face coverings in the store. The post reads: “Public health experts recommend the use of masks or face coverings in public settings. To protect our members and employees, it is recommended that all Costco […]

With the upcoming ‘Friends’ reunion on HBO Max on hold until it is safe to have live audiences, here’s a little something extra for fans of the series to look forward to. Friends the Official Cookbook from Amanda Nicole Yee will be released September 22nd. It will feature over 90 recipes from the classic series, […]

There’s a lot to be worried about these days, and in stressful times it makes sense that more people would be kept up by nightmares. A survey conducted by OnePoll asked 2,000 people about the factors keeping them up at night and found these to be the ten most-common nightmares: Being chased – 40% Falling […]

You can add bicycles to the short list of products that are flying off shelves–or, in this case, racks–during the coronavirus pandemic. The New York Times reports that bike shops from Brooklyn to Phoenix are selling two to three times the amount of bicycles that they’d normally sell during this time of year, as Americans […]

Announced today via social media, there are no new cases of COVID-19 in Newfoundland and Labrador for the ninth-straight day. Nine days with no new cases now sets a new record for the longest streak with no new cases since the province recorded its first instance of Coronavirus. The total number of cases stands at […]

Can’t “bare” the thought of putting on a suit other than your birthday one? Here’s the naked truth: The New York Post reports that more people are giving nudism a try while stuck in quarantine. In the UK, a group called British Naturism claims they’ve gained 210 members over the past two months–representing a 100 […]

Moshing, crowdsurfing and crowding around the front of the stage should all be banned when live music finally returns. That’s one of the recommendations from the Event Safety Alliance in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. “A few obvious changes will be necessary whenever events do reopen,” they say in a newly published guidebook. “Patrons […]

A Facebook group where members pretend to be members of an ant colony has grown to 1.8 million members during the pandemic, UPI reports. The group, titled, “A group where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony,” was only at 100,000 members at the beginning of March before social distancing rules were […]

While it’s still not certain when, if ever, the NBA season will resume, proposals to play out the year in Vegas or at Disney World have been floated. But why not Canada? While making it clear that “the NBA season should have been called already,” the website points to mildly infected cities like Halifax and […]

Buzzfeed reached out to its community members to ask them “which movie and TV show adaptations were better than the book” they were based on. Here are 10 of the better responses (you can see all of them here): Little Fires Everywhere (2020). “The book was great, but the show was AMAZING.” To All the […]



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