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Saturday afternoon, the province has confirmed fourteen new cases of COVID-19 in Newfoundland and Labrador, all of which are in the Central Health region. The source of infection for each case is still under investigation. In addition to the newly reported cases, there are 18 presumptive positive cases. With seven new recoveries since yesterday, there […]

Netflix announced Thursday (Sept. 23rd) that there is more Tiger King to come.  The company teased “more madness and mayhem” for Tiger King Season 2 but did not share specifics about which cast members will be retuning when the series streams later this year. One popular personality from the original who will definitely not be returning is Big Cat […]

Go take your dog for a walk– it’s good for both of you. University of Washington researchers found that regularly walking your dog could protect its brain against canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD), a condition related to the aging of a dog’s brain which leads to memory loss. Researchers found the odds of CCD were 6.47 […]

The rumored Netflix documentary about Britney Spears has now been confirmed. A trailer promoting the film appeared online this week. Featuring years-long investigative work, exclusive interviews and new documents, it paints a portrait of how a girl next door basically became a woman trapped by fame, family and her own legal status. The film weaves a shocking timeline […]

With investigations still open into COVID-19 clusters in the province, especially the one in the Central Health region that saw some communities move to Alert Level Three, there have been several new potential exposure sites identified by the province. Public Health is asking anyone who visited the following places at the listed times to arrange […]

As of 4:51 this afternoon, fall has officially begun. If you’re a fan of the season, you probably associate it with things like crisp leaves, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Others dread things like back-to-school and temperatures falling as winter approaches. However, it seems like the best-smelling season (as far as I’m concerned) has a lot of […]

A growing number of brides are opting to walk down the aisle in black. Notable wedding dress designer Vera Wang previously spoke about her use of the color black in her fall 2012 and spring 2019 collections, telling Harper’s Bazaar, “A lot of people were shocked– they said it was depressing to have brides in […]

If you overshare on dates you’re not alone. Psychology experts say you might be oversharing due to self-control depletion, which happens when you expend your mental resources managing one behavior, which leaves you with less willpower to monitor subsequent behaviors. If you’re feeling stressed on top of this, it’s even more difficult to keep your […]

Every year, a new batch of beloved toys get the nod into the Toy Hall of Fame. The Museum of Play has announced the 12 finalists for 2021, and usually three of them will get inducted. To give you an idea of the selections that made it in 2020, they were Baby Nancy, Jenga, and […]

Police in the UK have a weird warning: don’t let kids buy large quantities of baked beans. It comes after “beaning,” a weird new trend, took off on TikTok. It involves smearing baked beans onto people’s driveways, doors, and cars, and filming the whole thing. Numerous videos have been posted on social media using the […]



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