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The out-of-nowhere worldwide hit show “Squid Game” was popular enough for not only a second season (as recently confirmed by Netflix), but also a new reality show based on the series. The South Korean-produced drama had characters who were down on their luck compete in children’s games for big prize money. The catch is that […]

Today, the federal government announced more changes to travel regulations, specifically for people who are not fully vaccinated. The change, which will go into effect June 20th, will allow unvaccinated Canadians to board both domestic and international flights, as well as trains and busses leaving the country. There are no changes for travelers from other […]

Huy Fong Foods recently released a letter suggesting a Sriracha shortage may be coming due to a pepper shortage. The peppers used to make the tasty sauce come from Mexico, which is currently experiencing a drought. The company calls the shortage “unprecedented” and won’t be accepting new orders from distributors until September. People are starting […]

Some exciting news for travelers, as the United States are set to drop their requirement for international arrivals to produce a negative COVID-19 test. A senior official within the Biden administration has reportedly said that the change will go into effect 12:01am on Sunday. The rule was put in place a year and a half […]

If you frequent a Sobeys grocery store, you’re about to use your Air Miles card a lot less. On Tuesday, a new partnership between Scene+ and the Empire network of grocery stores. The rewards program operated by Cineplex and Scotiabank allows members to rack up points on select purchases and when banking with Scotiabank that […]

What road in your area do you think is in the worst condition? Every year, CAA takes a look at some of the worst roads in Canada based on feedback from the public and this year, four roads in Newfoundland rank within the worst ten roads in Atlantic Canada. With the results below, do you […]

What would you do with an extra day off? 3,300 British workers are participating in the largest trial of the four-day workweek. The six-month experiment will be looking at how the new schedule impacts stress, job and life satisfaction, travel, and energy use. 70 varied companies are participating, including charities, a brewery, a construction recruitment […]

A bill recently introduced in Ohio’s state House would require that high school students take a self-defense class in order to graduate. The Student Protection Act would mandate that incoming freshman in both public and private high schools complete the training as part of their health education. It would be taught by school resource officers […]

On Wednesday, Halifax announced one of the most creative ways to encourage local shopping that I’ve ever heard. Effective as of the start of this month, residents of the municipality who receive a parking ticket for a pay station violation can have the fee waived by spending at least $35 at a local business within […]

We’ve heard of dog sweaters and shoes, but what about dog sunglasses? Some veterinarians recommend picking up a pair for any dogs sensitive to bright light. One expert says that sunglasses are a viable solution for dogs whose eyes need extra protection, since certain conditions worsen in dogs when they are exposed to UV light. […]



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