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For some, summertime means dealing with those annoying mosquito bites. If you’ve ever thought that mosquitoes really like you because you seem to get bitten more than others, you could actually be on to something. According to PR Newswire, research has shown that mosquitoes tend to be attracted to the following: People with higher body temperatures. […]

Announced Saturday afternoon, there are no new known cases of COVID-19 in Newfoundland and Labrador. Today is the 30th straight day without any newly recorded cases, by far the longest stretch to date. There are also no active cases, which has now been the case for ten straight days. In total, 17,270 people have been […]

As the new Will Ferrell movie, “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” hits Netflix, some connections with the 2005 fan-favourite comedy “Wedding Crashers” are being made. It’s the first time Ferrell has been in a movie with Rachel McAdams since, even though the two never directly worked together in “Wedding Crashers”. The two […]

With so much extra time sitting around the house, I’ve definitely been snacking a lot more. If you were curious what the most popular snack was the year you were born, I have good news. Someone at Women’s Health took the time to find out the most popular snack food for every year all the way […]

Tuesday afternoon, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Twitter account sent out a warning about a new scam. The RNC says they have received multiple reports about a scam where people receive a phone call from a local number claiming to represent the CRA. Police are advising people to not call these numbers, and if you do […]

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, many people have started going back to their workplace over the last few weeks. If you’re having trouble getting back to normal, or maybe you just want to get more done in a day, here are five tips from Mental Floss on how to become a better morning person: 1) Ease into the […]

For those of us who are still trying to figure out a Father’s Day gift to give their dad this Sunday, a new poll shows what people think their dad really wants. Here are the top responses: An ice-cold beer: 36 percent Steak dinner: 35 percent Glass of whiskey: 31 percent Phone call from his […]

A week ago, it was announced that Starbucks has plans to close 200 stores across Canada over the next two years, and they aren’t the only company shutting doors. On an earnings call on June 11th, The Children’s Place executives said that 200 stores in Canada and the U.S. will close over this year, with 100 […]

According to The Miami Herald, at least 42,000 cruise-ship workers–some of them sick with coronavirus–are still trapped at sea as cruise lines struggle to find ways to return them to their homes amid a sea of international bureaucracy. Cruise ships were shut down in March when COVID-19 cases started to build on a few notable ships. The […]

After months of lockdown measures, people now feel increasingly comfortable resuming activities they enjoyed before the Coronavirus pandemic. According to a new survey that polled American adults, 35% of people now feel comfortable going out to eat, up from 31% just a couple weeks ago. 32% of people now feel comfortable going on vacation, although […]



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