Anthony Bourdain does Newfoundland on CNN’s Parts Unknown

All eyes in the province were on CNN last night for the latest edition of Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain, the Newfoundland episode. Bourdain described Newfoundland as “a part of Canada all its own, with its own distinctive history and culture.” Although a moose hunt on the show with Bourdain’s crew, which included Jeremy Charles and Jeremy Bonia of Raymonds, they managed to get some fishing in and eat some fresh scallops right out of the water. They also tackle the word Newfie, with local historian Dale Jarvis telling Bourdain, “For a long time, on the mainland of Canada, there was this stereotype of Newfoundlanders as being poor and uneducated, kind of that goofy ‘Newfie’ stereotype … And over the past 10, 20 years, there’s been a real shift in how the rest of Canada perceives Newfoundland, but I think also as how Newfoundlanders perceive themselves.” Bourdain also visited St. Pierre et Miquelon and tried scrunchions.

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