7 Things You Should Keep Private in Your Relationship

Bustle recently spoke with Tammy Shaklee, a leading LGBTQ matchmaker and president of H4M Matchmaking, about things that couples should keep private if they want to have a strong relationship. Here are her suggestions:

1. Financial or legal issues. Every couple will go through their share of financial ups and downs. If things aren’t going well financially, it’s important to keep that to yourselves.

2. Anything that has to do with sex. From performance-related issues to all the sexy details, your sex life should be something you keep private unless you’re both OK with talking about it with others.

3. Your fights. Do you really want your friend to think that your partner sucks and that you should move on to someone better?

4. Family problems. If your partner would blush or shriek overhearing you share the information with a friend, it should stay private.

5. Things that annoy you about your partner. By talking about your partner’s annoying traits, you’re also giving your friends an opportunity to judge them and form negative opinions.

6. Your partner’s insecurities. You may have good intentions by asking for help on how to deal with your partner’s insecurities. But the last thing they want is to hear that you’re airing out their personal thoughts and fears.

7. Your goals for the future of the relationship. Many couples withhold the fact that they’re trying to have kids until it’s a sure thing. This isn’t limited to just kids, but things that you hope to happen, but just may not take off.



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